Addamn Tarly is the current Lord of Horn Hill. He is a brilliant battle commander, and know as one of the most terrifying warriors in the Reach.

Appearance and Character Edit

Addamn Tarly is a older man now, full of regret and anger as his lifelong enemies the Dornish. He rarely smiles, and never without Heartsbane in his hand. He is stern, cold, and calculating, but he also takes an immense amount of pride in the obvious prowess of his children and the competency of his soldier.

Biography Edit

Addam was born in 146 AC and quickly proved that the Tarly line was going to remain strong. He was squired to Lord Selmy when the time came, and proved himself to be a fine warrior, giving quite a bit of honor to his house.

A Dornish Rebellion Edit

Lord Tarly briefly called his son home to Horn Hill to combat the rebelling Dornish. Addamn went with his father into the sandy wastelands and was promptly invited to visit hell on earth. He saw thousands upon thousands of men die in the sandy wastes of Dorne, only for the survivors to be fallen upon by Lord Dayne and his riders, earning the eternal enmity of the young Tarly.

Far from putting fear in his heart, like the Dornish desired, it only served to harden it to the hated enemy that his forefathers had fought against since time immemorial. On their way home in defeat, Tyrell missing and Tarly forces shattered, Addamn swore a blood oath that he would not rest until the Dornish bent the knee to the Iron Throne and payed for their crimes. It would take many years to come to pass, but Addam Tarly would get a small taste of revenge.

Interim Period Edit

Addamn was knighted on his 18th nameday by Lord Tyrell and returned to Horn Hill to serve his father, being the main enforcer of Horn Hill's southern border. He took up Heartsbane during this time, and often made macabre jokes that he would change the color of the blade to red if he kept up his killing rate.

He also wed Margaery Ashford soon after he was knighted and she soon blessed him with healthy boys and girls. He took this as a sign that the gods favored him and his cause. And though his father died during this period, Addam ensured that the transition was smooth and that the Dornish knew that they would find only hardened warriors with sharpened swords waiting for them.

Blackwater Rebellion Edit

During his visits to the Reach, Aegon Targaryen ingratiated himself with many of the Marcher Lords, convincing them that he would take their case before the king, and make a much better one himself due to his obvious care over their plight. Addam found in him what he thought was a kindred spirit, a man who had been unjustly wronged and was doing all he could to make it right. He was one of the first Marcher Lords to approach Lord Tyrell to try and convince him to support Aegon in his endeavors. When Aegon finally did rebel, Addam was one of the first to raise his banners in support for his friend.

Dornish Campaign Edit

While he might have wished to join Aegon in the Crownlands, the Dornish saw the Rebellion as a chance to humble the Reach for generations to come and poured forth from the Red Mountains to take their revenge. Tarly anticipated this and marshaled marcher lords from both the Reach and the Stormlands under his banner. He pushes the Dornish back and deals them a crushing blow at the Battle of Red Hills, but curses his luck that he cannot pursue them further and that Lord Dayne escaped the field unmolested.

Battle of Highgarden Edit

Fresh of his victory over the Dornish, Addam leaves his infantry under the command of his son and rides for Highgarden with his cavalry. He arrives in time for the Battle of Highgarden, and leads the cavalry contingent that smashes Rowan's left flank, ensuring a Black victory.

Fall from Grace Edit

After the Battle of Highgarden, Addam was placed in charge of getting the Reach's forces ready to march to support Aegon and his faltering northern campaign. But before he could do so, Aegon arrived with his shattered army in tow, demanding that Tarly and the others immediately help him take back King's Landing.

Addam was skeptical, as he knew it made more strategic sense to support the crumbling Stormlands and ensure that the Westerlands could not hit them from behind. Aegon would hear none of it though, and demanded all efforts be put into a final charge at King's Landing. The final straw came when Addam, recently riled up by one of Aegon's dark moods, informed him the only reason they were in this bloody mess was because Aegon "let your bloody cock do all the thinking". In a rage, Aegon demanded he be sent away and never to be in his sight again. Addam was forced to leave in disgrace for Horn Hill, having never lost a battle but doomed to see his side lose the war.

Ironically, this is probably what saved him from a terrible fate. When King Daeron eventually won, he sent many of the defeated lords to the Wall. By the time he made his way to Horn Hill, his anger had cooled off greatly and he was content with Addam begrudgingly bending the knee. He was allowed to keep his lands, but his enmity has only grow.

After the War Edit

Addam remained as prickly as ever, joyful even less than he was before the war and angry that there was nothing he could have done to stop the defeat. While the Dornish have continued to raid like they did before the Rebellion, it has happened at decreasing intervals and with fewer men. This has not stopped Addam's ruthless persecution of them however, and he has even increased the brutality and the severity of the punishments for the interlopers, receiving the nickname 'Black Addam' for his troubles.

Recent Events Edit

Upon hearing of the death of Daeron I, Addam departs for King's Landing, hoping that the new king will be more open to his 'suggestions' than the last.


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