Ser Aemon Penrose is the eldest child of Elaena Targaryen with her second husband Ronnel Penrose. He currently serves his cousin Harbert Penrose as a household knight at Parchments.

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Biography Edit

  • 182 AC: Born to Ser Ronnel Penrose and Princess Elaena Targaryen.
  • 185 AC: His sister Baela Penrose is born.
  • 189 AC: Elaena Targaryen dies giving birth to Aemon’s sister Vaella Penrose.
  • 191 AC: Aemon becomes a squire for his older cousin Ser Harbert Penrose, and is educated in the field of governance, additionally to his fighting skills.
  • 198 AC: Having become both a trained fighter and a charismatic negotiator, Aemon is knighted by Lord Harbert, who continues to employ him as a household knight.
  • 201 AC: Aemon, having remained in the castle of Parchments before, travels to King’s Landing for King Jaehaerys II’s coronation. During his stay, he has an intimate affair with his cousin Vaella Targaryen.
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