Alerie Redwyne is the daughter of Lord Terrence Redwyne of the Arbor, master of coin of the seven Kingdoms. She currently resides in the Red Keep, following her father to court after his appointment to the King's Council. Upon her arrival to the city she's a sweet, idealistic girl, unaware of the ways of the world, but the more she's thrown into the intricacies of court politics, she quickly starts to show her true guile.

History Edit

The Reign of Daeron Edit

She was born in the Arbor in 185AC, where she lived a tranquil and sheltered childhood. She was educated by her lady mother and her governess, Septa Ermesande, in ladylike occupations in which, thanks to her curious and steadfast nature, she soon excelled. Screened from the outside world, however, she grew up quite naïve and childish.


The Reign of Jaehaerys Edit

At fifteen, her father was called to the Capital to serve as Master of Coin, and decided to bring her daughter with him in order to arrange a good match for her. Ever curious and eager to please him, the girl followed, soon falling in love with the city. Even though her first months were quite uneventful, having still to complete her studies with Septa Ermesande, with the upcoming coronation she soon made friends and acquaintances, amongst which Lady Ravella Penrose, a fellow councillor's daughter. A few days before the feast, when praying in the Great Sept, her father approached her, revealing he intends to marry her soon, without, however, telling her to whom, later that day expressing his desire for her to learn more about life at court and politics, and urging her to be more "vigilant".

The following day, after greeting the Tyrell host on her father's behalf, she bumps into Lord Artys Arryn, the Defender of the Vale, falling instantly in love, and immediately trying to extort information from her father on whom the man she is to marry might be, hoping for him to be Artys.

At the feast, as she is speaking to Lady Penrose, she sees her Father and Artys discussing and tries to join the conversation, being ordered by her father to leave and try to talk with Lady Meredyth Hightower, that Lord Redwyne is trying to marry to her son instead, and not to talk to Lord Arryn.

After having done what she was told, she receives a love letter from Artys. She goes to her father, failing to understand what's happening. He reveals her he intends to marry her to King Jaehaerys II, and immediately presents her to him. They exchange polite but awkward conversation, and the girl has almost forgotten Lord Artys entirely, now smitten with the King and the prospect of being Queen of the Seven Kingdoms.

The day later she recieves another letter from Lord Artys, in which he explains his feelings and reveals he asked Terrence for her hand. She understands he loves her but, faced with the prospect of queenship and wanting to please her father, she replies with relative coolness, without discouraging him, trying to buy herself time. Reading the letter she worries she's becoming wiser, as her father encouraged to, at the expense of her integrity.

After a day of pretending to be indisposed she has a conversation with her father. He gives her tips on queenship and how to woo King Jaehaerys, she starts thinking of a plan. At night a third letter arrives from Artys and she replies even more coldly.

In the morning Alerie wakes up early, headed for the Sept for morning prayers: the royal sept, this time. She knows she will find the King following his private ceremony, allowing the two to speak alone. Alerie muses about love and marriage, her perspective on Lord Arryn changed by his insistence. She resolves not to seem so eager when talking to the king.

She meets Jaehaerys in the sept, where they talk. She reveals to know about her father's plans for their betrothal and they have a long, honest conversation about Kingship, religion and grief. Later in the day she meets with Lady Meredyth Hightower for lunch to continue planting seed for her marriage with her brother and Lady Ravella Penrose for tea, to invite his father, the Master of Coin for lunch the following evening. She hopes that if she impresses him, he might be favourable to her match with the King. That night, he informs her father about her day, and they prepare for dinner with Lord Harbert.

Her mother, Leanne, and brother, Willem, arrive just in time for the coronation, and Alerie shares a chat with her mother, urging her to comport her self with dignity, poise and royal bearing; adivce she finds of little use. At the coronation banquet, the king opens the dances with her, and her puts her hopes even higher.

Quotes Edit

When she thought about the smallfolk she pictured smiling goodmen and goodwomen in woollen clothes, living in quaint little cottages.

-Alerie, returning from the Sept

Alerie couldn't believe how many excellent men, noble ladies and high lords she was meeting in a little more than a few months since she moved to the capital. She hoped to meet the king soon, but that would only be a matter of time, with the upcoming coronation. She suddenly was tempted to pinch herself, to see if she was dreaming. Don't, Alerie. If you are, you'll wake up.

-Alerie, before meeting the Tyrells

"Gods be true! Look, Ravella: They are talking as it is!" She didn't know what to say or do. "Do you think he'll be asking him for my hand...?" She whispered, with a gasp. No, it couldn't be... We've only met yesterday. A little, wise voice told her. Yet the most beautiful love stories were born out of loves at first sight, that Alerie knew for certain.

-Alerie seeing her father and Lord Arryn discussing.

Perhaps he'll fight Lord Arryn in the melee... she thought, as a picture of the Ser Artys, the Winged knight and Aegon the Conqueror fighting atop their giant beast to prove her their love was painted in her mind. She almost shook her head to send the thought away.

-Alerie talking to the King

Am I becoming wiser, papa? Or merely colder, and a liar? She hoped for the former.

-Alerie thinking about her letter to Lord Artys.

She was starting to like honesty. Her mind wandered to Commander Darklyn's warnings. Wake up Alerie, the dream is over.

-Alerie Talking to her father.

Love did not matter. her Lord Father had said so, despite how much Alerie wished marriage could be different.

-Alerie thinking about Love and marriage, Artys and Jaehaerys.

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