Lord Ambrose Mallister is the current head of House Mallister and Lord of Seagard. Upon the death of his father Patrek in 183 AC, Ambrose became the Lord of Seagard, and has ruled as such ever since.

Character and Appearance Edit

Old and grizzled, Ambrose is mostly bald but keeps a beard, the hairs of which are white, grey, and speckled with red. His eyes are blue but greying from age and bitterness. He has a gruff demeanor, and stands as an imposing and authoritative figure.

Ambrose is noted for being an uneasy man to get along with. He is loyal to his house, House Tully, and to the crown, being one of the few men in Westeros who can boast four decades of personal loyalty. He is very prideful, and is a revered military commander in the Seven Kingdoms. He has a particular predisposed hatred for the Ironborn, and views the Dornish with similar fondness due to the wars.

History Edit

Ambrose was born in the early months of the year 138 AC, the only child of Ser Patrek Mallister and Lady Mary Mooton. As their only child, this left the future of House Mallister in a precarious position for a number of years, particularly after the death of Lord Lymond in 150 AC.

At the age of seven, Ambrose is sent to Stone Hedge to foster with Lord Bracken. When of an appropriate age, he began squiring for Lord Bracken's second son, learning the ways of the knight, and of war. He departed Stone Hedge in 154 AC, having made a great deal of bonds with the members of House Bracken.

When King Daeron called for the conquering of Dorne in 157 AC, Seagard answered the call and rode south with the King's host. Ambrose saw brief action, but the Martells of Sunspear quickly bent the knee, and so Ambrose returned home. Upon his return, the young Ambrose married Lady Jeyne Bracken, and a year later their daughter Cyrenna was born.

When the Dornish finally grow bold enough to rise up, Ambrose departs Seagard once more with his father and their army. The revolt proves fruitful and Ambrose received a taste of true warfare, being involved in numerous defeats and victories. Eventually though, he and all others are forced to retreat from Dorne, defeated. During Prince Baelor's attempt at peace, Ambrose's uncle in the Kingsguard was murdered, and he has born the Dornish resentment ever since.

Ambrose remains at Seagard for most of the years following his return. He is named the admiral of Seagard's small fleet by his father, while Lord Patrek personally commands the troops. Ambrose dutifully protects the western shores of the Riverlands from those who would seek to do it harm, and gains a considerable amount of skill and experience over the years.

Ambrose went on to father six further children after the Dornish revolt, two to his first wife Jeyne, two to his second - Dacey Terrick, and two to his third and current wife, Alys Piper. In 183 AC, Lord Patrek fell ill and never recovered, and Ambrose succeeded his father as Lord of Seagard, aged fourty-five. The precarious nature of House Mallister's existence had been consciously rectified by the new lord, whose many children would ensure a healthy revival of their fortunes.

War soon broke out however, and House Mallister once more answered the call. Initially Ambrose takes up the defence of the western shores and northern borders, fearing an assault from the Ironborn and Northerners. When instead the Ironborn attacked the North, preoccupying them, Ambrose marched his men south to join the fighting. It was in the south that the bright future of House Mallister took a bleak turn.

Quelling the revolts of various lords of the Riverlands, Ambrose eventually took part in the Battle of the Red Fork. During the battle Ambrose was badly wounded to his face, and his heir Terrence was slain. When the fighting was over, he too received word that his second son, Clement - then only a squire to Lord Melwys Tully - had died in the fighting as well. House Mallister sees little further action in the war, and with only one son remaining, Ambrose calls Edmund to his side for the remainder of the war.

Recent Events Edit

Following the announcement of the death of King Daeron Targaryen, the coronation of Prince Jaehaerys, and the tourney to commemorate the occasion, Lord Ambrose and the Mallister household journeyed to King's Landing with a plan towards the future of their house.