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Artor stands at 6.1 feet tall with medium length black hair with a stubble, He has light-blue eyes and a strong jawline, He has a muscular build and quite a rugged look, Artor has a small scar running over his left eyebrow and a large claw-mark running over his chest, due to a bear attack.

Biography Edit

  • 177 AC: Born to lord Medger Cerwyn
  • 183 AC: His father starts training him in axes and all other manners of combat.
  • 187 AC: Artor's father leaves to fight the Ironborn.
  • 190 AC: His father comes back and takes Artor with him for the remainder of the war.
  • 192 AC: Gained weapon mastery with axes, especially good with dual wielding them.
  • 193 AC: Artor's father dies due to a bear attack whilst on a hunting trip with his son, Artor manages to kill the bear but it leaves a large wound on his chest which resulted in him almost dying.
  • 194 AC: Is at full strength and becomes the new lord at the age of 17
  • 196 AC: Spends several moons hunting wildlings.
  • 201 AC: Travels to King's Landing.

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