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173: Artys is Born

179: Artys is found to be of superior intellect grasping new and foreign ideas with exceptional speed and understanding.

182: Starts the more intermediate teachings of Lordly expectations (Stewardship Leadership, Commerce, and Swordsmanship.) ; Learns he is Ambidexterous.

187: Artys' Father left to Fight against the North (Battle of the Bite; Battle of the Ford)

186: Becomes proficient in the above categories.

188: Participated in the battle involving the tribe of Mountain Clansmen known as the Sons of Stone ( - launched a series of attacks against the people of the Vale. Though eventually the Arryns would prove victorious, aided in part by young Prince Baelon Targaryen.); After the fight Artys was Knighted by the Knights of The Vale, granting him the title Ser.

190: Artys begins traveling the Vale as Acting Lord of the Vale while His father was confined to The Eyrie due to an injury.

190- 197: Artys roamed the Vale as Acting Lord personally helping the folk of his domain, in building settling disputes, fishing, farming, etc. Over this time he became a man of the people and was loved by all.

200: Artys’ father falls ill, (speculated to be because of his injury) and passes, Lordship officially passes to Artys

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