Ashara Sand is the High Priestess for the Temple of the Lord of Light in the Shadow City of Dorne. She is a seer and the bastard granddaughter of Mallador Manwoody.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Ashara is an attractive young woman with long dark brown hair that falls well down to her waistline. She has eyes of green and a Stoney Dornish complexion. She stands at a mere five foot high, though her charismatic charms are larger than life. She rose through the ranks of her temple in no small part due to her ability to captivate.

History Edit

Her early life is fairly well known, she was the bastard daughter of Olyvar Manwoody and a traveling perfomer known as Clea of Myr. She was abandoned by her mother and given to scion of House Manwoody. There she spent most of her life, devoted to reading, performing, and any story she could find of legends long ago.

The story of the girl is not a tale of sadness, she lived a fairly typical life in Kingsgrave. Typical of a Dornish bastard, that is. She wasn't a rebellious young girl, choosing instead to find her niche' in Kingsgrave. The seductive call of Sunspear chose to be too great for her, she left before ever really finding her place in Kingsgrave.

In Sunspear she experienced everything she possibly could, it wasn't until she met the man Liomond Adarys the man she assumed to have had a vision of in flames during her early childhood. She was brought to the Temple of the Lord of Light in the Shadow City. Only there did she truly find her calling and destiny, Ashara followed R'hllor like the moth to flame.