Asher Forrester is the Lord of Ironrath and Defender of the Ironwood Grove.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Asher is a large man, and often appears to be more of a lumberjack than a lord. He enjoys spending his time working alongside his men in the Ironwood Grove helping to harvest, process, and work with ironwood. He takes pride in his work, both as a lord and a builder and is more than willing to spend more time working on a product to ensure every detail is just right.

History Edit

Asher was born to Torrhen and Alys Forrester in the year 166 AC. He was not expected to inherit Ironrath, and was raised as a third born son would normally be taught, to serve and follow his elder brother. Torrhen began to train Asher how to fight from a young age, and so when he was only eight years old, Asher began to train in the yard of Ironrath with his older brothers and some of the other boys his age.

When Asher was fifteen years old, he was wandering the Wolfswood near Ironrath when he was attacked by a direwolf. The commotion caused by the ensuing battle drew a woodsman in service to his house to the young Forrester. The woodsman, a man by the name of Jon quickly intervened and managed to bury his axe in the beast's neck, saving Asher's life. In return for saving his life, Asher promised the man any one favour. Jon asked Asher to marry his daughter when she came of age.

A man of his word, Asher wed Jon's daughter a year later, the couple having their first child less than a year after their marriage. Life would go on as normal until 187 AC, when Asher was forced to raise his banners in defence of the North. He quickly gathered his strength and hurried to Deepwood Motte to assist his liege lord in defending his castle. They would be besieged for quite some time until forces under command of Barthogan Stark came to relieve them. Asher and Master Glover led their troops out of the castle to battle with the Ironborn, earning a hard won victory.

The victory at Deepwood Motte came at a heavy loss to Asher. His older brother and Lord, Galbart was cut down, causing his younger brother Gregor to pick up the ancestral family sword. Unfortunately for Gregor, this only marked him as a target to the reavers who killed him mere moments after he rallied the men. Asher was the Lord of Ironrath now, and he gladly picked up his family's sword and led his houses' troops to victory, taking on all challengers who attempted to kill him.

Following the war, a small feast was held at Ironrath to commemorate Galbart and Gregor's lives, and to celebrate Asher's ascension to Lord of Ironrath. Ever since, he and his family have lived relatively normal lives, though he has sent his eldest three children to King's Landing to seek matches for themselves, and hopefully strengthen their family's position in the realm.

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