Aurelia is the second child of Lord Domeric Caswell. She enjoys stargazing in a flower garden, only accessible by a historical bridge, with lot of friends.

Appearance Edit

Aurelia's dark brunette hair adorns a high-cheekboned face, featuring soft amber eyes and an easy grin. She stands about 5'8" with long ungainly limbs, and a slender build.

Timeline Edit

  • 180 AC: Aurelia is born to Domeric and Marion Caswell; granddaughter to Lord Armond Caswell. As she developed into her toddling years, it was said throughout the castle she seemed to spill and fall even more than the usual child. Somehow this lack of balance only served to increase her innate charm, and garnered even more attention from her family and servants alike.
  • 188 AC: In the aftermath of the Blackwater Rebellion, reconstruction of the Mander crossing Bitterbridge is finally beginning. Little Aurelia stumbles upon a heated discussion between the master builders on methods of bridge construction, and takes an immediate interest. Charming her way into daily observation of the construction, she nurtures an understanding that would continue to other castle projects through her adulthood.
  • 192 AC: An unwise venture to sneak a midnight snack leads to a nasty fall in the dark. Aurelia finds herself tended to by the maester, and discovers in his quarters, a setup of intriguing devices pointed toward the night sky. Eager to share his love for astronomy to an unfortunately captive audience, the maester spends the night explaining the workings of the moon and stars. His passion is contagious, and Aurelia would spend many a night stargazing with the maester in their two-person astronomy club.
  • 194 AC: A particularly cosmopolitan troupe of mummers passes through Bitterbridge, and Aurelia becomes enamored by the play-actors and spends nearly every afternoon chatting away about the faraway lands they hailed from. Though she cannot hold a tune to save her life, and dancing on her ungainly legs was certainly out of the question, making the life of a mummer a near impossibility, she develops a bit of wanderlust and suddenly those once boring lessons of culture and history start to have new meaning.
  • 196 AC: Now a woman grown, and well-favored among the castle and the smallfolk alike, Aurelia begins attracting attention from suitors throughout the Reach. However, none of the potentials meet her standards, and she finds herself more interested in the variety of flowers and plants gifted to her in courtship. With the help of the maester, she cultivates this newfound interest, and stakes out a garden of her own for her collection. She expresses through her network of friends that any suitor best come offering some unusual bloom…the rarer the better.
  • 198 AC: Tragedy strikes twice in the Bitterbridge household. Aurelia's grandfather, Lord Armond, swiftly succumbs to the sweating sickness, and her father is named Lord. After a long and taxing struggle, Aurelia’s mother falls to the same disease. The castle mourns for some time.
  • 201 AC: Aurelia journeys with her father and brother to King’s Landing to attend the coronation.

Family Edit

Lord Domeric Caswell, Father (41) {Auxilary character}

Marion Caswell, nee Merryweather, Mother (deceased)

  • Victor Caswell, Brother (23), Aptitude: Champion
  • Alys Caswell, Sister (18), Aptitude: Performer
  • Roland Caswell, Brother (15), Aptitude: Agile

Dudley Caswell, Uncle (39), Aptitude: Shrewd

Lyla Crane, nee Caswell, Aunt (37), Aptitude: Beloved

Kyra Rowan, nee Caswell, Aunt (35), Aptitude: Performer

Gunther Caswell, Uncle (32), Aptitude: Champion

Lynesse Lefford, nee Caswell, Great-Grandmother (deceased)

Household Edit

Castellan: Dudley Caswell (39), Aptitude: Shrewd

Maester Ned (59), Aptitude: Brilliant

Master-At-Arms: Ser Byron Bridges (35), Aptitude: Tactition

Captain of the Guard: Ser Kyle Flowers (29), Aptitude: Tough

Handmaid: Serra Bridges (15), Aptitude: Attractive

Thread Tracking Edit

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