Prince Baelon Targaryen is the Prince of Dragonstone and Heir-presumptive to the Iron Throne. He is the first dragon-rider in 70 years.

Appearance Edit

A tall and imposing man, Baelon carries the traditional Valyrian traits of his blood. Indigo eyes and silver hair, Jaehaerys is the true visage of a Valyrian Dragonrider. In the past he had worn his hair long, though more recently it has been kept short and tidy.

Personality Edit

Compassionate towards his Vassals and the smallfolk alike. Love is the anchor of his life, it fashions his personality. Love towards his wife, love for his son, love towards his siblings and to his Dragon and the Faith of the Seven. Baelon is a pious and devoted member of the Faith.

Time in the Vale Edit

In the year 190 AC, Prince Baelon was sent to the Eyrie where he was to be trained and Knighted by his relatives from House Arryn. He became squire for Ser Robar Egen who had sworn his sword to House Arryn a decade ago. Ser Robar was a stern Knight, he’d suffered multiple injuries throughout his life fighting wildlings in the mountains. Because of this, he was unable to mount his horse without help from his squires. It meant the Prince of Dragonstone was used as a footstool so to speak as a young man, hoisting up Ser Robar before they left the Eyrie.

In the year 193 AC The Lord of the Vale sent soldiers along with Egen soldiers to Ninestars. The forces were lead by Ser Robar Egen, a Knight that had served the Vale honorably for many years. He had experience fighting the Burned Men Clan of Mountain men in his youth. He was the most likely choice to lead the forces on behalf of the Vale, to deliver the King's Justice. The Sons of Stone moved back into the mountain where they believed the Knights of the Vale would not follow, they were wrong. Under command of Ser Robar, the Knights followed the treacherous path into the mountain.

The fighting was bloody for both sides, the Sons of Stone had a distinct advantage when it came to the terrain. The first few months of the campaign saw significant losses to the Knights of the Vale, it was only when they adapted to the fighting style of the wildlings did they make up ground. Arryn and Egen forces pushed the Sons back all the way to their homes where the primitive huts were set ablaze by the soldiers. Ser Robar gave no mercy to the wildlings and would allow none be given by his men, anyone who disobeyed the command to kill the wildlings was condemned a traitor and executed by Ser Robar himself.

The Stone Crows would eventually join the battle near the end of the campaign after learning the Sons of Stone village had been raized to the ground. The Stone Crows however, fearfully retreated further into the mountain after seeing the devastation levied unto the Sons of Stone. Ser Robar knew he didn't have the numbers or resources to give chase and declared the war over. Ninestars had been freed from the raids of the Sons and the other Mountain Clans.

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Aftermath Edit

Returning to the Eyrie as conquering heroes, saving the people of the Vale from the attacks of the wildlings. Prince Baelon was given the spear of Reyk to present to the Lord of the Vale as a sign of the victory. The gesture felt hollow to the Prince, it was merely a stick with a sharpened stone at the end. The wildlings were a primitive culture, they couldn’t withstand the armor, weapons and training of the Knights. It left Baelon feeling mixed about the justice delivered to the wildlings in the mountains.

Unable to cope with the slaughter of the Wildling clan from the Mountains, Baelon took a copy of the Seven Pointed Star and left the Eyrie. A letter was sent to the Red Keep from the Eyrie, penned by Baelon detailing his plan to find purpose before returning. The young Targaryen shaved his silver locks from his head and traded his possessions with some pig farmers near the Bloody Gate.

At first, he wandered north, thinking he might go and bring the word of the Faith to the Northerners. He made it to Fairmarket in the Riverlands before he stopped. He realized greed and sin were prevalent even in places where the Faith was practiced. He sought shelter at the Sept in Fairmarket for a short while, keeping his head shaved and living off the kindness of others. He’d been going by the name Ben as his Targaryen name was unusual and drew attention.


“Ben” would eventually travel south again, this time finding his way to Maidenpool. Baelon began to fast and would spend the next two months losing tremendous amounts of weight in order to become closer to the gods. Sleeping on the hard ground and drinking only enough water to sustain himself.

It wasn’t until he was found on the road south to Duskendale by a troupe of performers that took him and nourished him somewhat back to health. This is when he met Isadora, after sharing a few meals with them, they informed him about the great Tourney in King’s Landing.  It was still a few moons away, but he knew it was the gods calling him to his destiny. He spent the time trying to get back in fighting shape and preaching to the performers, he told the young girl that he was a Prince and the Gods called him home.

When they finally came to King’s Landing, his silver Valyrian hair had barely grown out. He was filthy and had been barely recognizable. He knew barely anyone would know his face, since he’d left when he was a boy to squire in the Vale. Luckily Ser Robar Egen was participating in the tourney and recognized Baelon immediately. Shortly after, he reconciled with his brother and sisters before entering the tournament.

The Tourney of the Great Sept Edit

Prince Baelon Targaryen competed in the Tourney to commemorate the Great Sept of Baelor the Blessed. He competed in the Joust and Melee competition. Though he was eliminated early on in the jousting competition, he did win the Melee competition. The winnings from the melee competition were all donated to the coffers of the Great Sept.

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