Appearance and Personality Edit

Bennard is of average height and weight, with black hair and cold grey eyes. His face is pale and gaunt, giving him an unhealthy appearance.

Biography Edit

181 - Bennard is born the second son of Lord Garret Blackwood and his wife, Celia Haige.

189 - Bennard falls ill and starts experiencing horrible headaches. The maester of Raventree Hall works day and night to cure him, eventually he beats the sickness but the headaches remain.

190 - While his brothers learn how to fight with sword and shield, Bennard never quite recovered from the illness that plagued him a year prior and was too weak to learn with them. Instead he practiced his marksmanship, becoming a good shot with both a bow and crossbow.

194 - After several years of head pain, a local woman teaches Bennard the basics of alchemy, allowing him to ward off the frequent headaches. Bennard learns about botany as well, keeping a large herb garden at Raventree Hall to supply the ingredients needed for his medicine.

196 - As his childhood illnesses left him too weak to be a page or squire and he had been quite clumsy since birth, Bennard never had an interest in jousting or fighting, instead losing himself in books about warcraft as well as other topics. By the time he was 15, he was knowledgeable about military tactics as well as the basics of stewardship.

197 - Bennard takes up breeding falcons as a hobby, using them to hunt and becoming a skilled animal tamer. During this time, he aids his brothers in stealing a small herd of Bracken cattle from a nearby village, proving to be a skilled saboteur despite his clumsy nature.

200 - Bennard is married to Lady Eleanor Goodbrooke.

201 - An outbreak of the bloody flux plagues Blackwood Vale, killing Bennard's parents, his wife and their unborn son, and his eldest brother, causing him to become Lord of Raventree Hall.

Recent Activity Edit

Family and Household Edit

Garret Blackwood - Father Deceased

Celia Haige - Mother Deceased

Raymund Blackwood- Elder Brother Deceased

Elinor Goodbrooke- Wife Deceased

Ravella Blackwood - Sister, 19

Duncan Blackwood - Younger Brother, 17

Elmar Blackwood - Uncle, 35

Simon Blackwood - Cousin, 24

Bethany Blackwood-Aunt,39