Brightwater Keep is the seat of House Florent in the Reach. It sits near the source of the Honeywine, north of Honeyholt, east of Bandallon, and southwest of the Mander. It is currently ruled by Lord Alesander Florent.

History Edit

Legend has it that Brightwater Keep was built by the husband of Florys the Fox, the cleverest child of Garth Greenhand, who went on to found the Florent dynasty. Situated in between the two traditional power centres of the Reach, Highgarden and Oldtown, the lands ruled from Brightwater Keep have always been valuable and prosperous. House Florent has itself grown strong over the centuries because of this.

A village grew up just outside of the Keep itself, and is known as Foxden. The fields and plains governed from Brightwater Keep have been extensively cultivated over the years, and grow all manner of fruits and vegetables that go on to fuel the Reach. These lands are some of the most fertile in all of Westeros.

Recent History Edit

Alesander Florent's rule over Brightwater Keep and the Florent lands has been marked by a significant amount of construction and development. Entire sections of the crumbling Old Keep were torn down and rebuilt to newer, and stronger, specifications. The fields and pastures tilled by Florent smallfolk have seen improvements in irrigation, and the paths and roadways that run through Florent lands have been rebuilt and repaired where needed. Directly outside of Brightwater Keep there has been built a large complex of beautiful gardens; some of the most beautiful in all of the Reach, in fact.

Notable Residents Edit

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