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  • 169AC (Eleventh Moon) - Brynden Beesbury, first son, and second child of Lord Casper Beesbury and his wife Roselei, is born.
  • 176AC - Brynden starts squiring for Ser Geremy Mullendore, a renowned tourney knight.
  • 177AC - Brynden attends his first tourney whilst in service to Ser Geremy, and witnesses a mystery knight wielding a blunted greatsword defeat all the other competitors in the melee. He is inspired to select the greatsword as his weapon of choice.
  • 186AC - Ser Geremy proves to be an authoritative and assertive teacher, and after years of constant and unrelenting practice, Brynden finds himself capable of great endurance and accuracy when duelling, making him a formidable duelist. Later this year, he enters into the lists at the Tourney of Bandalon, and places first, defeating all the other competitors, including Ser Geremy.
  • 186-187AC - Ser Geremy is killed during the events of Blackwater Rebellion, and Brynden fights on in his honour. During the Assault on Bandallon, he participates in the counter attack against the Ironborn reavers, and is knighted for his efforts.
  • 193AC - After participating in the dispersal and eradication of a bandit gang pillaging the northern shore of the Blueburn river, he travels to the seat of House Hightower, hoping to gain a high ranking position in the City Watch of Oldtown.
  • 195AC - Turning down the offer to take over command of Greycloaks of Oldtown, Ser Brynden rides to the capital, hoping to make a name for himself in the Crownlands too.
  • 197AC - Following the death of a member of the Kingsguard during the tracking of Cannibal through the Kingswood, Ser Brynden is lifted to the position of Knight of the Kingsguard, and has served faithfully ever since.

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Father - Casper Beesbury, current Lord of Honeyholt.

Mother - Roselei Beesbury, Lady of Honeyholt (deceased).

Sister - Joanna Beesbury, born 167AC.

Brother - Burton Beesbury, born 172AC.

(AC) Justin Cordwayner, Squire.

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