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Brynden is 5'11, and is lean, but can still wield his greatsword with much skill. The reason for his ease, of course, is the Valyrian Steel that makes his blade, Lady Forlorn. He has smooth brown hair, down to the top of his neck, and a thin beard upon his face. His eyes are a steel grey, and he keeps his mouth to a thin grimace most of the time.

Biography Edit

  • 172AC: Brynden is born to Lord Waltyr and Minisa Corbray nee Royce, as the first son.
  • 179AC: Begins to squire for his father.
  • 180AC: Shows extreme aptitude in swords, specifically greatswords.
  • 181AC: Brynden is sent south to squire for his uncle, Gwayne Corbray.
  • 183AC: Gwayne trains Brynden in the art of movement in combat, improving his nephew's footwork greatly.
  • 184AC: Gwayne discovers his nephew's skill with both hands, and allows him to train with dual swords. Brynden discards the dual swords and picks up a greatsword again.
  • 186AC: Gwayne and the other Kingsguard go to war, and as Gwayne's squire, Brynden follows.
  • 187AC: Gwayne perishes in the Blackwater Rebellion, leaving Brynden knightless. Brynden serves as the man's replacement until the war is over, wielding Lady Forlorn.
  • 189AC: Brynden is knighted, and serves as a man at arms to the King.
  • 193AC: Brynden asks his father to name his younger brother as heir, and Waltyr accepts.
  • 197AC: Brynden is inducted into the Kingsguard, to his joy, and serves there to this day.

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Family and NPCs Edit

  • Lord Waltyr Corbray - Father - Lord of Heart's Home - b. 149
  • Minisa Corbray (nee Royce) - Mother - Lady of Heart's Home - b. 150s (will be decided with Royce claimant)
  • Ser Brynden Corbray - Knight of the Kingsguard - b. 172
  • [Name] Corbray - Brother - Heir to Heart's Home - b. 176
  • Ser Gwayne Corbray - Uncle - Knight of the Kingsguard - b. 153 d. 190
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