Brynden Tully is a scion of House Tully and the son of Lord Melwys Tully and Cassana Ryger. He is seven and twenty years old, and currently betrothed to Lady Lyra Smallwood. He is his father's heir.

Brynden boasts the traditional traits of a Tully, including red hair and blue eyes.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Born in Riverrun on a quiet day in 174AC, Brynden Tully was a happy child from birth. Bubbly and kind, easy to laughter and rarely one to cry, he was a fat and easy toddler to raise, a main of unruly red hair dominating a round head with rounder cheeks.

As he grew, the eldest son of Riverrun showed a deep-set love for animals. Melwys Tully kept several hounds in his keep during those days, and Brynden could often be found in their company. Responsibility came all too swiftly however - and soon enough, in 185AC, he was made squire to a knight named Galladon Paege.

Brynden followed the knight closely during that year, learning what he could of both chivalry and swordsmanship. His training came to an abrupt end in 186AC, when the Revolt of Aegon the Black began in earnest.

The Rebellion Edit

The Blackwater Rebellion took a heavy toll on the Riverlands, and upon House Tully especially. Many lords in the east rose up against Riverrun, House Lothston foremost among them, leaving Melwys bitter and paranoid. He kept his eldest son close, having Galladon join with his army rather than sit behind walls at Riverrun. This was out of fear that Riverrun herself would be besieged - though in the end, the measures taken to protect Brynden proved to be the most harmful. During the Battle at Riverrun Ser Galladon was slain, cut down in battle by a Strickland. Brynden, his squire, was close behind - and was captured by rebel forces on the field.

Noting the youth's colours and recognizing him as a Tully, the rebels spirited young Brynden to the camp of their commander, Daemon Targaryen. This was the first interaction the young Riverlord had ever had with a Targaryen - and Daemon was everything he'd imagined and more. Dashing, brave, fearless, and kind, with a sword-arm like the Warrior himself. Brynden found himself intimidated, then inspired, by the young Targaryen prince. In the coming weeks, as the rebels fled toward High Heart, Brynden came to admire the son of Aegon, who seemed to return the affection. Daemon took Brynden on as his own temporary squire, ostensibly to keep him close, though in truth they become something close to friends - the dragon prince teaching his ward about sword craft, manhood, and life.

After the situation on High Heart began to grow desperate, rumours went through the camp that bargaining Brynden might be enough to win their freedom - or, if they slew him, discourage the Riverlords from attacking. Daemon, ever the gallant and merciful knight, woke Brynden from his sleep at dusk one dark night. He cut loose his chains, gave him food, clothes, and a sword - then instructed him to run, and rejoin his father's men. Brynden did as he was bid, fleeing the camp - but he did not escape down the hillside to his kinsmen. Instead he hid, remaining at the camp, and thus bore unfortunate witness to the slaughter that was the Battle at High Heart.

When dawn rose and the dead were counted, Piper men found Bryn amidst the carnage. He was returned to his father, who spirited him back to Riverrun, where he would remain for the rest of the war.

The Future Lord of the Riverlands Edit

The following years saw Brynden rarely leave Riverrun and it's surrounding lands, his father's paranoia restricting his ability to travel. Trapped in these boundaries, the curious young boy turned to books instead - devouring countless tomes and scrolls beneath the watchful eye of Maester Dafyn.

As he grew, Brynden began to take over more and more of his father's responsibilities, his early twenties seeing the youth serve as steward of Riverrun and regent. Melwys' slow slide into decadence revealed Brynden's capabilities at the same time - the future Lord of Riverrun granted ample room to shine while his father grew crueler and more vain. It was during this period that he met the lady Lyra Smallwood as well, while she served as a lady-in-waiting for his sister Aelinor.

Family Edit

  • Andahar Tully
  • m. Alysanne Piper
    • Rhialta Tully, 49
    • Melwys Tully, 48
    • m. Cassana Ryger, 43
      • Brynden Tully, 27
      • b. Lyra Smallwood
      • Axel Tully, 25
      • Edmyn Tully, 23
      • Aelinor Tully, 22
      • Marianne Tully, 17
      • Jasper Tully, 15
    • m. Maerie of Fairmarket
      • Osric Rivers, 26
      • Mara Rivers, 13