The Reach is, without a doubt, one of the mightiest regions in Westeros. Home to Oldtown, the oldest city in the realm, as well as the Citadel, the seat of learning, and the Starry Sept, once the greatest Sept in all the land - the Reach has much to be envious of. Here more than any other kingdom are the laws of chivalry held in honor, and the legends of those noble knights of years gone still fill songs and stories told across the continent.

With the most numerous and fertile fields in the realm, the Reach produces much of the food eaten in Westeros, as well as some of the greatest and most famous wines. There are fields of flowers that extend as far as the eye can see, and the tiered walls of Highgarden are famous for their beauty. The Mander, that mighty river, meanders up the core of this region, often filled with pleasure boats and barges until it empties out south of the Shield Islands.

For all it's beauty and splendor, however, the Reach has a bloody and tumultous past. House Gardener ruled in the days of old, fighting wars with the kings of the Rock and Stormlands, as well as the Princes and Princesses of Dorne. Not all of these conflicts ended in the favour of the Gardeners - though of course, their war with the Targaryens ended the most poorly. Since that day the Tyrells have ruled Highgarden, and with it, all the Reach. Beneath them bend Houses great and small - the Hightowers and the Redwynes, the Rowans and the Tarlys. Many of these great lineages boast greater claims to the seat of Highgarden than their overlords - but as of yet, none have moved to claim it.

Through all of this, however, the people of the Reach have pressed onward. Their fields are still rich and fertile, their rivers still full of fish and trade. Those nobles that make their homes among the meadows and plains of this region still find their coffers filled with wealth only rivaled by those lords in the Westerlands, and those gallant knights and blushing maids still continue their tales, as ever.

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