Current Lord: Lord Paramount Brynden Tully

Nestled between five other kingdoms with a coast upon Ironman's Bay lies the Riverlands, home to the Trident, one of the mightiest rivers in all of Westeros. A common battleground for all the Seven Kingdoms, the Riverlands has seen countless kings and conquerors come and go, though rarely were they Riverlanders by blood. Centuries of war have granted this fertile region stalwart castles and hardy fighters, and though it's lords are quarrelsome they are by no means petty. The Brackens and the Blackwoods, the Mallisters and the Pipers, the Freys and the Lothstons - all mighty lords in their own right, and all swear fealty to House Tully of Riverrun.

Though the lack of natural defenses make the Riverlands a key target for war or conquest, in times of peace these rolling lands of rivers and plains are some of the most beautiful in all of Westeros, and are home to both pious small folk and industrious merchants. The towns of the Riverlands ply their trade up and down the Trident, bringing wealth and fortune to any with the cunning to seize it.

Though the region boasts no cities, it is populous and fertile, with a storied history and legends of glory and tragedy. The soaring towers of Harrenhal haunt the horizon for miles around, while tales of Florian the Fool, Artos the Strong, and Nine-Finger Jack bring joy and awe to any who might hear their tales. These are but three of the countless knights and heroes born in the land of rivers, men whose names and deeds are passed from generation to generation. The Riverlands has oft birthed such men, and in times of war and strife they only grow in number.

For more information on recent events in the Riverlands, please see our Annals of History page.

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