Guarded by the soaring peaks of the Mountains of the Moon and surrounded on three sides by the sea, the Vale of Arryn is a beautiful and dangerous region, and home of the oldest Andal bloodlines in all of Westeros. From the shadowcats that haunt the mountain passes to treacherous rockslides and mountain clan bandits, the lands of this region are hostile and deadly, forcing even the mightiest lords of the Eyrie to travel in force through their domains. For all this, the peaceful valleys, fertile soil, and numerous lakes and rivers give the region a beauty that many find uncomparable.

The Houses of the Vale, like much of Westeros, share blood with both the First Men and the Andals. But only in the Vale can the very oldest Andal lineages be found, for the first of those ancient conquerors landed upon these very shores, carving their names - and their seven pointed stars - into the earth and into history. Now the Vale stands as a bastion of the Faith, and the Bloody Gate that guards it has never fallen.

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