Celia Lannister is the Lady of Lannisport and head of House Lannister of Lannisport, the second child of Tyland Lannister and his wife, Serra Swyft. She has one child with her husband, Roland Hill, Lynora Lannister. She has two step-children: Rosa and Theoland Hill.

Appearance Edit

Celia is strong-faced and proud. Despite that, she has several scars and does not have an easy time walking. She has several lacerations across her entire body, compounding in major burns along the right side of her chest and two large scars on her temple. She is deaf in one ear.

She is not traditionally Lannister-looking. She greatly takes after her mother, Serra Swyft, and has dark brown hair, brown eyes, and darker colored skin.

History Edit

  • 175 AC: Born to Tyland Lannister, and his wife, Serra Swyft.
  • 182 AC: Plans are born for an academy in Lannisport, and construction begins immediately.
  • 196 AC: During the Battle of Lions, Celia was abducted following the Battle for Lannisport. She spent the majority of the war in Crakehall, and a successful attempt at breaking her and her family free costed her her hearing in her right ear, and amounted to numerous lacerations across her body.
  • 196 AC: Celia married Roland Hill, a bastard of Crakehall.
  • 200 AC: Lynora Lannister is born.
  • 201 AC:
  • The Academy in Lannisport is finished, and Celia was placed at it’s head.
  • Attended the Coronation of Jaehaerys Targaryen, who proposed that his sister, Helaena, attend her to Lannisport to witness the opening of the grand academy.
  • The murder of Marcella Lanett occurs, and Celia urges Jaehaerys to consider not sending Helaena until such time as the murders are resolved.
  • Returned to the West, and begin reorginization of the City Watch forces in Lannisport

Family Edit


  • Tyland Lannister [d]
  • Serra Swyft [d]
    • Tytos Lannister [d]
    • Celia Lannister
  • Rhea Kenning
    • Gerion Lannister
    • Rosamund Lannister
    • Myrcella Lannister [d]
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