Claw Isle is the ancient island seat of House Celtigar in the Crownlands. It lies a few hours sail north from Dragonstone.

Geography and Culture Edit

Claw Isle is a small island off the coast of Massey's Hook, lying just north of Dragonstone by a couple hours sail. The island is reputably as large as Dragonstone, though it is twice as fertile. Sheltered by rocky cliffs, the isle's inhabitants breed sheep, goat, and horse. They are also famed for their crab-fishing, done twice a moon. Claw Isle's main export is crab.

Claw Castle, the seat of House Celtigar, lies to the north of the island, and is shielded by two large cliffs, and shadows a large village. The keep is not large, and is said to be only a hair larger than Darry. Despite this, House Celtigar's wealth is not unknown; the Lords of House Celtigar boast Valyrian heritage, and possess a Valyrian Steel Axe called Claw. As well, they own many disputable treasures.

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