Biography Edit

Son of the Infamous Red Knight, Cleos was raised swinging a sword. Trained by his Uncle Daryl the Red Squire in the art of Bastard Swords. He became fierce in battle at a young age, not known as an extrodinary swordsmen but his dueling ability is famed in the Reach. And due to Darkdells close proximity to Dorne his named in children bedtime stories to ensure they stay in bed. His famous armor puts fear into the strongest man, with it's jagged edges and strange plating.

At the Age of 22, Cleos's wife passed in Child birth. Lady Lily Fossoway cousin to the lord of the Green Apple Fossoways. He was distraught and spent a large portion of his life studying tacitcs and the mountains were Darkdell is situated.

He was gained a large portion of his fame due to the battle of Highgarden were commoners rumor he slaughtered a thousand Blscks single handed, which is similar to the rumor of his father. it's said his armor turned blood red in the battle of Princes Pass where he killed so many dornes they stained his armor. And thus he became the famed Red Knight of Darkdell.

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