Lord Criston Connington was born in the year 140 AC, to Lord Jon Connington and his wife Alysanne Toyne during the reign of Aegon III Targaryen.

Youth Edit

As a young boy, Criston trained in the use of swords and the riding of horses, but he never excelled in such pursuits. Instead, he found that he had a particular skill at secrets. Young Criston would often talk to the servants and commonfolk whenever his lord father brought him along to visit other lords and castles. What he realized is that the servants of the great lords often hear and see far more than these lords realized. Over time, Criston learned to exert his influence on these underlings to make his desires into reality. A small bag of coin here, a promise of a better guard post there, and Criston had formed a small but effective network of informants by his 15th nameday.

Time in Dorne Edit

On the day of his 17th nameday, Criston said goodbye to his father and mother and left on a ship to Essos for a sightseeing tour of the Free Cities. Unfortunately, on his way to Tyrosh, his ship was caught in a storm and capsized. He would later wash up on the shores of Dorne, where he was taken to Sunspear and brought before the Prince Maron Martell of Dorne. Criston feared that the Dornish prince would execute him, but after a month of captivity and several conversation, the two developed a close friendship. Prince Maron agreed to free Criston, and Criston chose to stay in Dorne and learn their ways. Criston soon discovered that the Dornish shared his interest in intrigue and subterfuge. For four years he trained and learned their ways. He became a master at taking men’s lives, with poison or blade, with moving unseen and blending into crowds, he learned how to make men see only what he wanted them to see, and he learned how to listen and glean information from all sources. In 161 AC, King Daeron declared his Invasion of Dorne. Criston was torn when he heard that his father had answered the king’s call and marched into the Boneway, but was heartbroken when he heard of his father’s death in the war. He bade farewell to his friend Prince Maron and returned home to Griffin’s Roost, assuming the lordship at the age of 21.

Lord of Griffin's Roost

Criston would marry Bethany Selmy in the year 165, four years after returning to Westeros, who would bear him 4 sons. The twins, Criston and Gerold, were born in 167, their third son, Robert, was born in 169, and their fourth son, Alyn, was born in 174. Bethany perished giving birth to their final son.

It was a challenge reintegrating with Westerosi society, but Criston did it. He often traveled across the length and breadth of Westeros, visiting the great lords Baratheon, Tyrell, Lannister, and Tully, as well as many of the smaller lords in the Stormlands and Crownlands. On all of these trips, he continued his habit of making contacts and learning pieces of information most had never dreamed even existed. He became well known as one of the most well-informed lords in Westeros, and some often sought him out for his wisdom.

Blackwater Rebellions

When the Blackwater Rebellion began in 186, Criston dutifully supported his liege lord Robar Baratheon in open rebellion. It cost him dearly. When loyalist forces first began the Siege of Griffin’s Roost, it cost the lives of Criston’s brother Selwyn and his oldest son, Criston. A year later in 187, when the Baratheon forces finally came to their rescue, Criston’s sons Gerold and Robert, aged 20 and 18, led the sally into the loyalist army while the Baratheons attacked their flank. The siege was lifted, but not before the lives of both sons were claimed. Criston would eventually go on to bend the knee to King Daeron, but he has always blamed the Targaryens for the deaths of his family.

Recent Events Edit

Ever since the war, Criston has focused on two things: extending the influence of his agents far across Westeros, and the welfare of his only remaining son, Alyn. Alyn has grown to be a successful and well-regarded tourney knight, and on hearing of the death of King Daeron and the impending coronation of King Jaehaerys, Criston and Alyn have traveled to King’s Landing, so that Alyn might compete in the tournament, and so that Criston might take stock of this would-be king.

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