Cyrella Swann is the granddaughter of the Lord of Stonehelm, and only daughter of his second son, Manfred Swann and his wife, Arianne Toland. She resided in King's Landing for three years, serving Princess Helaena Targaryen as a lady-in-waiting since 198 AC. Cyrella is now in the West, chaperoned by Ronas Crakehall and accompanied by her knightly cousin, Ser Orys.

Appearance Edit

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All the beauty Arianne Toland had once boasted faded as her abdomen rounded with her first and final pregnancy, though fate would reveal that her infant daughter had taken it all with her from the womb. It would be said much and so often that Cyrella took after her mother that she could recall the sigh that always came beforehand. Her features were a constant reminder of her half-Dornish heritage, with a head full of dark hair in contrast to the golden strands belonging to her Swann relatives, and deep hazel eyes, quite unlike the grey that peered from beyond the walls of Stonehelm.

Although she is not abnormally tall, Cyrella still stands a bit higher than most other ladies. She possesses an otherwise petite build, with a slender yet shapely frame. One might notice that Cyrella dresses modestly, and well; she prefers dresses with high necklines, and is never without simple, understated jewelry. The Swann possesses an unwavering elegance, never a single hair out of place.

Timeline Edit

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  • Cyrella is born in 185 AC to a second son and his contested Dornish bride.
  • In the year of 192 AC, Cyrella is aboard a Swann cargo barge headed to Ghost Hill from Stonehelm for both trade and visit when the ship wrecks. She is the sole survivor, save for a hired knife disguised as a deckhand that attempts to kill her on the shores. In a struggle for the blade, seven-year-old Cyrella ultimately succeeds in wrestling it from his grasp when she splashes saltwater in his eyes and uses it to kill her assailant.
  • Following the shipwreck, she is presumed dead by her family. Alone, Cyrella wanders the coast of Dorne in search of food and shelter, surviving solely on the negligence of lowborn merchants unwise enough to leave their edible wares unattended. Her love for the commoners begins here, when some are generous enough to provide a roof for her head many nights. She learns to steal, and collect herbs to heal what ails her.
  • Cyrella meets Khain Azahral in the year of 194 AC, while she is severely malnourished and near death. Her livelihood is credited to him and his company. She travels with them for two years, across the Narrow Sea and to the Summer Isles.
  • She returns home in 196 AC. Soon after, her grandfather arranges for her to foster at Parchments with her great-good-uncle, Harbert Penrose and his children.
  • It is arranged that Cyrella would attend Princess Helaena Targaryen as a lady-in-waiting in 198 AC.

Family Edit

  • Balon Swann, Lord of Stonehelm, b. 137
  • m. Olenna Morrigen, d. 198
    • Durran Swann, Heir, b. 159
    • m. Arecella Toyne, d. 186
      • Byron Swann, b. 181
      • Orys Swann, b. 184
    • Jynessa Swann, b. 160
    • m. Lorgan Mertyns, b. 143
      • Keat Mertyns, b. 177
      • Brod Mertyns, b. 180
      • Lenila Mertyns, b. 184
    • Manfred Swann, d. 192
    • m. Arianne Toland d. 192
      • Cyrella Swann, b. 185

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