Biography Edit

175 AC: Daron was born the eldest of two brothers of Edric Estermont and his wife Janna Whitehead.

180 AC: His brother James Estermont was born.

182 AC: Daron was sent to become a page under Lord Tudbury, an Estermont vassal, spending his time avoiding combat by charming both the lord and the castilian sent to teach them.

185 AC: After seeing the limited success that Tudbury had in teaching his son how to fight, Lord Estermont sends his son to squire under the Mertyns of the Mistwood.

186 AC: With the Mertyns siding with the crown, Daron became a hostage  which forced his father to remain neutral. Daron would often be at war meetings learning first hand strategy and tactics. During the siege of Griffin's Roost, he directed the construction of war machines cultivating his engineering ability. When the loyalist forces lost to the Baratheons, he was sent back to his family on Estermont.

187 AC: He was sent to his mother’s family in Weeping Town until he was knighted at age nineteen.

194 AC: Janna Whitehead dies from old age and a full moon later Edric Estermont dies from grieve over the death of his wife. Daron becomes Lord of Estermont and immediately begins to improve army equipment and training to not face the defeat like the Mertyns.