Biography Edit

Denys was born to Lord Leon Hightower and Lady Eleanor Hightower on the 7th of the 9th moon of 182 AC. He was the second child born to the pair after his older sister Beony.

From an early age, it becomes apparent that Denys would be good at learning new things. He was also quite a lively child who loved to run around Oldtown.

Around the age of eight, Denys realized that the tricks he played on other children were not something others were able to do. They appeared to be real magic. He could swap the appearance of a coin if he lost a bet for long enough that he might be able to run away and hide before it returned to its original appearance.

He was able to do just about the same thing with his hair color and eye color, sometimes at the same time. His magic never had much of an impact on anything, largely being tricks that he used to entertain others.

In 185 AC, Lord Leon arranged it that Denys would become the squire of Ser Alester Tyrell, and as such, Denys moved to Highgarden. Under the eye of Ser Alester Tyrell, a renowned swordsman, Denys learned proper footwork that aided him becoming a skilled swordsman in the hope that one day he might wield Vigilance. His natural agility helped in this giving him a slight advantage over every sparring partner.

Denys squired for Ser Alester throughout the War of the Lions. He continued to use his magic as more of a personal entertainment than anything, but he practiced it daily.

He was knighted in 200 AC by Ser Alester after which he was inducted formally into the Order of the Green Hand.

Timeline Edit

  • 182 AC - Denys is born to Lord Leon and Lady Eleanor
  • 185 AC - Denys shows that he can learn concepts earlier than most.
  • 191 AC - While playing with other children, Denys realizes he can perform real magic.
  • 195 AC - Denys becomes Ser Alester Tyrell's squire. Moves to Highgarden.
  • 197-198 AC - He serves in the War of the Lions.

Family Edit

  • Father: Leon Hightower
  • Mother: Eleanor Hightower (Nee. Crane)
  • Sisters: Meredyth Hightower( B. 185), Beony Targaryen (Nee. Hightower) (B.180 D.197)
  • Niece: Princess Maegelle Targaryen (B.197)
  • Brother: Bennet Hightower (B. 188)
  • Grandmother: Wyla Hightower (Nee. Manderly)