Domeric is the current lord of Bitterbridge, and father of Aurelia Caswell. He inherited the position recently and is still adjusting to such responsibility.

Appearance Edit

Domeric’s shock of luxurious blond locks top a rugged, square-jawed face. Standing a bit over six feet tall, he possesses a lean, muscular build, and excellent posture. He favors flashy outfits that flatter his physique, and keeps himself well-groomed.

Timeline Edit

  • 160 AC: Born to Lord Armond Caswell
  • 175 AC: Trained just at hard with the sword as he did at cards and dice. He was knighted after singlehandedly routing a small party of bandits, and followed it up with a lucrative night at the card table. It had been a great day. On the occasions he found himself on the losing end of either kind of match, Domeric found cheating/lying quite useful in turning the tide.
  • 178 AC: After a few years of courting the most desirable of ladies of noble or low birth, he agrees to marry the feisty Lady Marion Merryweather. Their first child, Victor is born later that year.
  • 186-187 AC: Domeric has now sired four children, and last of which, Roland, is born just as the Blackwater Rebellion begins. Dom fights for his House in support of the Loyalists.
  • 198 AC: Domeric’s father succumbs to an illness, leaving him as Lord of Bitterbridge. His wife passes shortly after, rendering the normally jovial Dom depressed and mourning for some time.
  • 201 AC: Domeric journeys to King’s Landing to attend the coronation.
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