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Few men in the Seven Kingdoms could look on Elaena Celtigar and think her not a great beauty. Perhaps for those with the taste for the unnatural and wicked, but for few others. She could be considered a great beauty, with sparkling dark-violet eyes, silvery Valyrian hair, and a slender face, accented by a strong jaw and prominent cheekbones.

Her eyes seem to pierce, intense as ever, even when tired. It's her lips that might set her apart, though, bright and pink and prominent against her pale skin, with thick dark brows, and a small nose.

She's slender, though in the depths of her pregnancy she could be called pudgy at best. A childbirth has not diminished her beauty, though, and though scars can be found along her belly from carrying Aegon, her legs remain slender and pale, her breasts small, but not yet suffering from the burden of age.

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182 AC: Elaena Celtigar is born, the last child of Lord Ardrian Celtigar and his wife, Lady Cadence.

186 AC: The Blackwater Rebellion began, and Lord Ardrian disembarked from Claw Isle with the mustered men, intent on supporting Aegon. Though he succeeds, his son, Terrence, does not, and instead takes Elaena and her sister, Baela to Dragonstone.

187 AC: It should be noted that throughout the war, Elaena’s support of Terrence sparked great controversy between her and her sister. Though young at the time, Elaena was very pro-Daeron, and her brother allowed her to begin training as a healer – her greatest wish at the time was to become one.

190-196 AC: Over the course of the years, Elaena began growing adept at the art of manipulation as well. Her legendary will was known amongst Claw Isle, and few could resist her.

196 AC: Elaena Celtigar marries Baelon Targaryen after meeting him at the Tourney of the Great Sept. From here, her skills branch outwards. She became protective of her husband – almost maniacally so, becoming a master of subterfuge in the process. Her skill of management on Dragonstone became well-known, and beside Baelon’s counterpart, Lia, they began working together to assure the island’s safety. Counter-intelligence was her savvy, and beside that, infiltration as well, when she began settling spies and servants in on Claw Isle.

198 AC: Elaena becomes pregnant, and gives birth to Baelon’s first child, Aegon.

201 AC: Elaena travels to King’s Landing with Baelon

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