Timeline Edit

  • 176- Emberlei's older brother Royce is born to Lord Brandon Bolton and his wife, Lady Serena Bolton neé Dustin.
  • 177- Emberlei is born.
  • 179- Emberlei's bastard younger brother, Harold, is born to Lord Bolton and a lowborn woman.
  • 180- Emberlei's younger sister, Alysanne, is born. It is a difficult birth and her mother dies shortly after, turning her father into a harder, angrier man. 
  • 184- Once, Emberlei wanders down to the dungeons while exploring, and there sees her father flaying a disobedient vassal alive while the man screams for mercy. The image never leaves her.
  • 185- At the age of eight, Emberlei develops a fascination with secrets, and takes to seeking out the best hidden places in the Dreadfort from which to eavesdrop, and befriending servants to learn what they know. 
  • 187- When she is ten and her brother eleven, they are playing on the ramparts of the Dreadfort where they are told never to go. She feels hands shove her from behind and for a moment, she flies, before she lands hard on her left arm and it shatters. It will never heal. 
  • 187- Emberlei is confined to bed for weeks, feverish, after her fall. She spends much of it slipping in and out of consciousness, and when she dreams, she imagines she is a wolf in the forest. One day, in one of these dreams, she sees her brother, and rips him limb from limb. 
  • 187- Royce Bolton dies, mauled by a wolf in the black forests around the Dreadfort. His younger sister Emberlei, still recovering from her fall, becomes the heir to the Dreadfort.
  • 191- Emberlei's father begins seeks a husband for her, but there are stories surrounding her now, and the few willing to risk it often meet with unfortunate accidents. 
  • 194- Brandon Bolton dies. At the age of seven and ten and still unmarried, his eldest daughter Emberlei succeeds his position and inherits the Dreadfort. 
  • 200- Emberlei is named Mistress of Whisperers by the king, but is unable to make it to King's Landing before his death. 
  • 200- Emberlei moves to King's Landing to attend the coronation of the new King and take up the Mistress of Whisperers position, leaving her younger sister in charge of the Dreadfort.

Household Edit

  • Alysanne Bolton- younger sister, 20 years old. Aptitude: Shrewd
  • Helicent Bolton- aunt, 44 years old. Aptitude: Tough
  • Penny- handmaid, whisperer. Aptitude: Agile
  • Roslin- handmaid, whisperer. Aptitude: Attractive


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