Lord Galbart Grafton is the current head of House Grafton and Lord of Gulltown. He inherited these titles from his father, Lord Jon Grafton, who passed away in 167 AC.

Galbart is the uncle of the Warden of the East, Artys Arryn, and the father-in-law of the current Lord of Runestone, Robar Royce.

At the turn of 201 AC, Lord Artys Arryn saw fit to bestow the title Grand Admiral of the Vale upon Galbart.

Appearance Edit

Galbart is a bulky man, a once overly muscled body now turning toward fat with his advancing years. Light grey hair covers his head, and forms a thick moustache and beard too, and the colour matches that of his right eye. His left eye is almost completely white and pupil-less at a glance, with a deep scar running down that side of his face. His right hand is a mess, missing most of his index and middle finger as well as some of his thumb and third finger - the hand is heavily scarred and almost completely useless for traditional functions.

Timeline Edit

  • 140 AC - Galbart is born to Lord Jon Grafton and Lady Beth Hardyng
  • 147 - 153 AC - Galbart serves as a page to his Lord Father, learning many of his father's mercantile skills quickly and with a natural affinity, but always lusting after battle and glory instead.
  • 153 - 157 AC - Galbart travels to King's Landing and squires under his distant kinsman, Ser Marq Grafton, a knight sworn to King Aegon and later King Daeron.
  • 157 - 158 AC - Galbart participates in the Conquest of Dorne, following Ser Marq and King Daeron's army through the entire campaign. During the Battle for Godsgrace, Ser Marq is slain and Galbart is knighted. Afterwards Galbart returns to Gulltown, his fondness of war long gone.
  • 160 AC - When Galbart's two younger brothers wish to leave Gulltown to help suppress the Dornish Revolt, he prevents them. Knowing the horrors of Dorne firsthand, he arranges for their ship to be delayed and is able to talk them out of the entire venture.
  • 165 AC - Galbart weds Jeyne Arryn in a lavish ceremony at Gulltown, with all of the Vale invited. A grand tourney is held, in which Galbart triumphs in the melee. Jeyne gives birth to twins later that year, Marq and Mya.
  • 167 AC - Lord Jon Grafton dies from a sudden illness, leaving Lordship of Gulltown to Galbart. Jeyne gives birth to another son, named Jon after his grandfather.
  • 167 - 187 AC - Galbart spends twenty years dedicated to his House, working hard on improving economic power and developing Gulltown. Over this time, he opens multiple businesses in Gulltown and King's Landing to increase the Grafton's power and wealth.
  • 174 AC - Jeyne gives birth to their third son, Gwayne.
  • 179 AC - Jeyne gives birth to their second daughter, Alys.
  • 180 AC - Jeyne gives birth to their fourth son, Harold
  • 187 AC - Galbart heeds the call of his brother-in-law Lord Addel Arryn, along with his two eldest sons, and a host of Grafton men fights in the Battle of the Bite and Battle of the Ford. Marq Grafton is slain in the latter, Galbart is permanently disfigured trying to reach his fallen son, and he has to be dragged from the field by Jon before he gets himself killed.
  • 188 AC - Jon Grafton fights against the Mountain Clansmen known as the Sons of Stone, alongside a few other Grafton knights, and is slain during the bitter campaign.
  • 189 AC - Having lost his two eldest sons to recent wars, Galbart begins to invest heavily in ensuring that Grafton men are the finest that the Vale can offer so that this tragedy does not befall him again. His elder daughter, Mya, marries the Lord of Runestone.
  • 197 AC - Galbart's new heir, Gwayne, marries Elys Waxley. By them, Galbart's grandson Jasper is born later in the year.
  • 201 AC - After hearing news of the King's death, Galbart travels to King's Landing along with his family for the coronation of Daeron's successor.

Family and Household Edit


Wife: Lady Jeyne Grafton (nee. Arryn). Aptitude: Attractive. (148 AC)

Son and heir: Ser Gwayne Grafton. Aptitude: Brilliant. (174 AC)

Daughter: Alys Grafton. Aptitude: Beloved. (179 AC)

Son: Ser Harold Grafton. Aptitude: Attractive. (180 AC)

Brother/ Master-at-Arms: Ser Mathos Grafton. Aptitude: Tactician. Negative: Warmonger. (142 AC)

Brother/ Business Manager: Ser Elbert Grafton. Aptitude: Mogul. (143 AC)

Captain of the Guard: Ser Arthur Stone. Aptitude: Champion. (172 AC)

Castellan: Denys 'Gullseye'. Aptitude: Builder. (157 AC)

Business Manager: Daven Shett. Aptitude: Influential. (168 AC)

Business Manager: Alliser Trueiron. Aptitude: Craftsman. (165 AC)

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