Gerion is the current Lord of House Lannister of Casterly Rock.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Gerion is man of fairly tall height standing at 6 feet tall. He looks every part a Lannister with the typical blonde hair and bright green eyes famous to his house. He is widely considered to be a friendly and jovial man able to get along with most people with ease.

Despite his status as Lord of Casterly Rock, Gerion is a humble man who can graciously accept defeat in a tourney or any other sort of game.

History Edit

  • 179 AC: Gerion is born to Martyn and Jeyne Lannister (Westerling).
  • 191 AC: Squires for Damon Lannister.
  • 194 AC: A marriage between Gerion and Jeanne is arranged and the two are wed in Casterly Rock.
  • 195 AC: Gerion manages to get on the lists during the Tourney of the Great Sept. He faces Baelon Targaryen in the melee. Gerion loses  and a friendly rivalry is started between the two.
  • 196 AC: Gerion and Jeanne's first child is born, a girl whom they name Sybell.
  • 196 AC: The War of Lions breaks out, and Gerion goes to battle. After a small skirmish at the onset of the war, Lucion Reyne knights him.
  • 197 AC: Gerion competes in the Tourney in The Ring where he bests Prince Baleon Targaryen in the joust, knocking a dragon shaped ornament from the Prince's helm, Baelon lets Gerion keep the ornament.
  • 200 AC (Mid): Gerion's son, Tion is born and his wife, Jeanne dies in childbirth, Gerion goes into mourning for his dead wife, but treats his son well despite his state.
  • 200 AC (Late): As the last living son of Martyn and Jeyne, Gerion becomes the Lord of the West and Casterly Rock when his father passes away.

Recent Events Edit

  • 201 AC: Gerion wins the archery competition during the Grand Tournament of 201 AC that takes place during King Jaehaerys II Targaryen. He donates one third of his winnings to his goodsister Celia Lannister and the remaining two thirds to the Faith of the Seven.
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