Grand Maester Aenys is the current Grand Maester of the Iron Throne. He has served since 185 AC following the death of Grand Maester Munkun. Aenys is also the bastard son of King Aegon III, not to be mistaken with Aegon 'the Black Dragon'.

Appearance Edit

Aenys is average height and completely bald. Unlike most elderly Maesters, Aenys prefers to keep a trimmed beard. His eyes are violet, as Targaryen blood demands.

Personality Edit

Aenys is a generally loving man. He appreciates everyone for what they contribute to the world, be it large scale or small. Aenys is almost always jubilant, however if he sees any form of malfeasance, the blood of the dragon boils over. His coin landed on its edge, one of the Archmaesters once said about a young Aenys in the Citadel.

Youth and the Citadel Edit

Aenys was born to King Aegon III and a lady-in-waiting to Queen Daenaera Velaryon named Rhaella, a lowborn of Valyrian descent. At first, his parentage was kept quiet. But the frequent visits by King Aegon and the treatment Aenys received soon gave away his true identity. After being raised in the Red Keep, King Aegon sent Rhaella and Aenys away to Oldtown at the behest of Queen Daenaera.

Once there, Aenys enrolls in the Citadel to continue his education.

From 153 AC to 169 AC, Aenys continues his education and earns his chains in healing, alchemy, botany, and begins delving into history & culture. He and Archmaester Lyman leave the Citadel in 169 and travels to the Arbor to study the history of winemaking. There he consults with various wineries, vineyards, and members of House Redwyne.

Aenys and Archmaester Lyman returned to the Citadel in 171 AC. Lyman vouched for Aenys' History & Culture chain, which allowed him to earn the chain faster than many.

Aenys begins noticing his dreams are what's considered 'Dragon Dreams'. He begins keeping a journal of them, and studying into the history of the dreams and previous experiences of said dreams. During his study, he stumbled upon a book about dragons. It intrigued him, leading to Aenys' departure from the Citadel to study dragons and dragon-human bonds at King's Landing. There he consults with Grand Maester Munkun and various members of House Targaryen. Upon his return to the Citadel in 180 AC, he is awarded the Valyrian Steel chain.

After earning his valyrian steel chain, Aenys begins working on a book about Dragon's and their bonds with riders.

In 182 AC, Aenys is awarded the title of Archmaester after the passing of an elderly Archmaester. Aenys uses the position to delve deeper into his research and further his book.

Grand Maester Edit

In 185 AC, Grand Maester Munkun passes away and Aenys is elected Grand Maester. He left the Citadel for the final time and travels to King's Landing to begin his service to King Daeron I Targaryen, his half-brother. A year later in 186 AC, the rebellion begins and Aenys is tasked with his first true test. He remains fervently loyal to King Daeron, and continues to serve to the best of his abilities.

Following the final battle, Aenys travels to the site of the Battle of Blackridge to assist with the wounded and to survey the battlefield. Upon his return to King's Landing, Aenys gives King Daeron a routine checkup. Aenys informed Daeron of his parentage, which drew the two closer together.

In 197 AC, Aenys traveled to Dragonstone to assist with the burned after the dragon Cannibal attacked and studied the dwelling of the dragon in great depth, along with the damage done by his flame on the Dragonstone villages with the blessing of King Daeron. Returns to King's Landing with Prince Jaehaerys Targaryen after he is named heir following the death of his father, Prince Aenys.

Recent History Edit

King Daeron I Targaryen passes away from a long term illness. Prince Jaehaerys is crowned King Jaehaerys II Targaryen.

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