Harbert Penrose is the present Lord of the Parchments, seat of House Penrose, in the Stormlands. Since 200 AC he serves on the Small Council first for King Daeron Targaryen as Master of Laws, now for his grandson Jaehaerys II Targaryen as Hand of the King.

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Harbert's rather normal and unremarkable appearance, his dark hair identifying him as a typical Stormlander, is further reinforced to represent his personality by his usually rather plain and practical style of clothing. The pin for the Hand of the King he now wears is usually the most opulent feature in his apparel.

His demeanour is serious and rather restrained, as Harbert prefers to keep his inner thoughts to himself, being most comfortable with strangers and even closer acquaintances when the conversation concerns practical matters. He is objective in his assessments and hardly lets emotions enter his considerations. Nevertheless, he is a kind and honest person.

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Family Tree Edit

Full Family Tree with connections between many other Houses.

Family Members with Aptitudes:

  • Wife: Shireen Errol (Shrewd)
  • Daughter: Ravella Penrose (Beloved)
  • Son: Arstan Penrose (Agile)
  • Daughter: Shyra Penrose (Brilliant)
  • Cousin: Aemon Penrose (Charismatic)
  • Uncle: Raymont Storm (Duelist)

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