TIMELINE of Harmund Brax and House Brax: Edit

174 AC: Harmund Brax is born to Jorena and Daryn Brax in Hornvale

179 AC: His little brother and sister are born as twins: Tesa and Nathen.

183 AC: Harmund is fluent in most of his studies by now and is talented in warfare

185 AC: Harmund meets Lady Keryn, his future wife, and they become fast friends

186 AC: Daryn Brax dies in the Blackwater Rebellion in The Battle of the Rock, fighting for Aegon the Black Dragon

188 AC: House Brax surrenders to King Daerion after Daryn Brax is slain. Harmund leaves to travel the world and learn things about the Seven Kingdoms with his Uncle Fredrik two months afterwards.

193 AC: Harmund comes back to Hornvale and is wed to Lady Keryn of House Terner later in the year.

196 AC: Harmund's first born son, Kile, is born.

199 AC: Harmund leaves for King's Landing

200 AC: He returns to Hornvale and is greeted by his men and family well. He learns his father had died from an illness while he was away

201 AC: Harmund sits at his castle in Hornvale, deeply saddened at the news of his king's death, and some days after, learns that his Lady Keryn is pregnant. He later leaves for Castamere to deal with Robb Reyne with Gerion Lannister and the other houses of Westerlands


Aptitudes, Skills, Description Edit

Description: Edit

Average height, with black hair. He has a stubble and his eyes are brown. He usually wears Brax armor and/or a purple cloak with a rampant unicorn atop of it.


Personality: Edit

Harmund is generally sarcastic and grim and cynical. Although he has a generally cheery approach to life. He serves the Lannisters but believes the Westerland Lords deserve to have the Iron Throne. He is witty, charismatic, and has a strong sense of humor, even if it is a dark one.

Aptitudes: Edit

Tactician, Saboteur

Skills: Edit

Swords, Law & History, Safeguarded, Warcraft, Charismatic