Harold Snow is the bastard son of Lord Brandon Bolton. He has fashioned himself into a sellsword and saboteur for hire, but primarily works for his half-sister and Mistress of Whisperers, Emberlei Bolton.

Appearance and Character Edit

Despite his bastardy, Harold has the typical look of a Bolton, save for the blue eyes which are instead brown. Physically, he is athletic, but he stands a fair few inches shorter than most men. He makes use of his build with excellent agility and acrobatic ability.

Harold is a cunning and pragmatic man with a thoroughly amoral philosophy. He has no qualms over the work he performs and is known amongst circles as a quiet yet ruthlessly efficient freelancer.

Despite his deceitful tendencies, he is fiercely loyal to his sister Emberlei.

History Edit

Harold was born in 179 AC to a lowborn mother whose name was never known. Following her death soon after the birth, the newly-orphaned baby was delivered to the Dreadfort. After some deliberation, the Lord Bolton acknowledged the bastard and allowed him to be raised with the rest of his children.

Despite his acknowledgement, Harold rarely interacted with his siblings or father, except for Emberlei. He received his education from the maester and  master-at-arms, learning swordplay and basic literacy. While he was left to perform these lessons in isolation, he would occasionally spend time with Emberlei, learning and exploring the grounds around their castle.

In 194 AC, Lord Brandon Bolton passed away with Emberlei being his only heir. For a time, Harold enjoyed a relatively normal life at the Dreadfort thanks to his sister’s acceptance of him. He continued his studies for a time before eventually joining a group of bandits he met while hunting one day.

The bandits took Harold under their wing and taught him their trade. From ambushing convoys to arson and murder, they travelled through the seven kingdoms earning coin wherever possible.

Following a severe disagreement between Harold and the rest of the group, he murdered them in their sleep before taking their stockpile of gold for himself. He used it to travel throughout Westeros and even across to the Free Cities for a time, enjoying his new life as a mercenary and saboteur.

Recent Events Edit

Harold travels down to King's Landing to take part in the coronation events and scout for opportunities.