House Blurson of the Stony Shore is a noble house from The North.They boast descent from legendary swordman Erreg "The Blurson",born in Lorath using his wits and skill travelled through all the Sunset Sea and defeated the Silver Snake of the Stony Shore Wytte taking the territory as his own.

Their ancestral seat Mistdoor was built across the Blur Mountains.Its name is given because the thick haze that as a natural phenomenon has proven a natural advantage to the House.Mistdoor soldiers are famous for their keen sight and rapid movements during battle.Maze is the sword of the House which was forged following the legend by Luceon "The Ironsmith" brother of Erreg and founder of House Ironsmith of Withered Hall.

The Blurson take pride on their sigil,The Ancient Crown of the Blur Kings rise on the top of the Wytte with the Stony tree at his side.

The Words of the House are:"Haze brings the morrow".A famous battle cry between the soldiers of the house is "The Haze of Memory" which is an abbreviation of the words of the house being easy to communicate on the field.


Ancient Times

The records on the Library of Mistdoor claims that House Blurson of the North founder Merlon was from Lorathi heritage being his family a line of lords that were pushed off by Valyrian freehold during the Scouring of Lorath.

House Blurson of Blur Isle were petty Kings on the North of Essos extending their domain from their ancient sea the little Blur Isle to the northern coast of Norvos and the actual Braavos.Their reign from the Castle,Hazerhell would end because of the death of King Garlc Blurson on 2100 BC and the distribution by his three sons of the Kingdom .The descendants of the three sons quarreled for the land claiming right of being the ruler of the Blur Kingdom.

Because of the endless conflict the defensive structure of the territories would suffer and people starved until the elder King Birold Blurson "The Maker" unified the territories repairing the damage on the castles and structures on the land building the ancient mazes on Lorath,Blur Isle and Loraysson as a diplomat welcomed the Valyrian worshippers of the Blind God Boash to the land on 1424 BC.

His rule is said to last for 200 years a fact often dismissed by the Maesters who argument that several rulers on that period of time had the same name.

During the reign of the Blur King Tarlon the territories known as the Axe were added to the Kingdom,also a marriage alliance with the Sarnori Kingdom was settled.On 760 BC,Queen Alya Blurson was crowned as the only heir of her father Dars being the first ruler of the Kingdom,despite ruling in peace for 10 years a big group of Lorathi nobility rebelled against,Alya summoned her loyal bannermen and called upon the Sarnosi alliance.To Alya's frustration the Betrayal of the Tall Men will took place not only breaking the ancient pact but raising their arms against Lorath and House Blurson.The Wise Queen seeing the destruction that was upon her lands decide to abdicate and let the Lord's choose a new ruler,despite her good intentions Alya was poisoned by an unknown servant.

Remaining members were forced to take part on the conflict with their remaining territory fought hardly against the Tall-Men forcing them to retreat,still the Blur Kingdom was finally broken leaving House Blurson with their seat of Blur Isle,Lorath and the actual Braavos.A new claimant raised on Loraysson,the local lord of the Land,Qarlon known historycally as Qarlon the Great have united the eastern part of the Kingdom proclaiming himself as the "King of all Andals",on the other side there were House Blurson three last members lead by the elder of the three brothers: Erreg "The Blurson".

Described historycally as a grim man with hair as black as night and haze eyes which were filled with nothing but his killing desire,The surroundings of the island made it extremely difficult to sail around and only the Haze Fleet(ancient naval army of the house) truly knew the traitorous waters.Surrounding the isle with it Erreg made a perfect blockade for Qarlon to break,Doing this "The Blurson" gave up Lorath keeping the North of Braavos as his only exterior territory.Qarlon thinking the island impossible to conquer turn his efforts to Norvos,area lost during the reign of Queen Alya and now an area under the Valyrian Folk.With this ambitious action "The King of the Shivering Sea" carved his downfall,dragons burned his whole army roasting,Qarlon along it.

Truth is that Blurson defenders claim that since Birold "The Maker" Blurson reign it was established diplomatic relations with the dragonlords (being the peaceful welcome of the worshippers of Boash an example) knowing the danger they could inflict the Lorathi,Qarlon wasn't aware of it or didn't care.

Following events involved the Fleeing of the Lorathi,only mentioned in the Shivering Chronicles and Mistdoor archives,Erreg the last tried to flee from Lorath Bay which as much people he could rescue trying to escape the ire of the Dragonlords(Norvos was under the direct protection of the Valyrian Freehold as a Free City)but despite the efforts of the Blurson Brothers,only half the population of Lorath Bay was able to get away from the Scouring of Lorath.On other sources like The Fires of the Freehold by Galendro narrates the Siege of Norvos and the Burning of the Mazes,still it doesn't include tales of any survivors;On the Cidatel it is argued that Galaendro was a Valyrian Historian whose purpose was to show the consequences of the defiances against old Valyria.

House Blurson under the leadership of Erreg nicknamed "The Blurson" for his ability as a swordman,being said that his speed with a sword was legendary moving at a length uncatchable by most human eyes causing on its perception an amount of dust or haze,from him the Blursons claim the tittle of Kings of Lorath.With him came his brother,Lucion Blurson "The Ironsmith".

The famous feud with House Fisher born on this early ages with several disputes over the Stony Shore which they've ruled as petty kings of the First men.

The age of expanding of House Blurson continued for 300 hundred years with the Kidnapping of the Spring King,The Siege of the Greylands and The Conquest of the Wolfswood.During this time House Blurson adopted the faith of the Old Gods.

The "Haze fleet" was famous in ancient times rivalazing with the Ironborn since anyone can remember,King Talbert "The Ice Talker" murdered The Bone Hand on a hand by hand.The Greyjoys developed their hatred for the Blursons during this time.

On the "Meeting of Barrowtown" during a War Parley,King Cregon "Blurfeet" was poisoned by Lords Ryswell and Dustin along with all his soldiers.Blurson power decreased greatly.This dishonourable action will mark the beginning of several plots to the Blursons that will end on the end of the Kingdom.

Vassalage under The Kings of Winter and Targaryen rule

House Stark made the last move through the Blursons in the Battle of Stonymill,King Yoren Blurson was killed by Rodrik Stark and with his father's head on the hightest tower of Winterfell,Peter Blurson became the first Lord of the Stony Shore and last Blur King.

The next decades will be the result of a Cold relation between the Starks and the Lords of the Blur Mountains.Three generations of Blurson Lords tried to reclaim their crown but their rebellions were crashed by the allegiance of Northern Lords.

Other story was when King Brandon "The Shipwright" tried to cross the Sunset Sea he asked his friend Dorren Blurson for his Haze fleet,in return he promised Lyarra Stark to Lord Blurson's son Clement.This act was the major sign of friendship between the house in years.But "The Shipwright" would never return and his son Brandon will burn to ashes all the Haze fleet on his grief,later known as "The Burner switched the betrothal with House Ryswell.After that Dorren was sent to the Night's Watch.Lord Clement rebelled against Stark rule sieging Winterfell and Killing "The Burner" sadly Brandon's son killed him in The Battle of the Burned Tower.

The Fisher's were always supported by the Kings of Winter of House Stark but it was on the Battle of Sea Dragon Point where Clement Blurson put an stop to it and became the Ruler of the Shore.Despite uniting at last the Stony Shore under their banner the memories of the rebellion are bitter and still now is remember the abuse of power of the Kings of Winter by the time.Curiosly no Stark-Blurson marriage has been arranged leaving the situation as a salty topic between both houses.

House Blurson surrendered with all the North to Aegon the Conqueror and his dragons becoming lower lords on the Seven Kingdoms structure.

They declared for the Blacks during the Dance of the Dragons,Erebald Blurson was the Lord of the Mist Mountains during the Civil War,with his Haze fleet,sacked the Westerlands and the Iron Islands.Allied with Lord Farman it is said that they planned,"The Red Kraken's" demise.

Despite their participation on major conflicts on The Realm,House Blurson has kept to the North believing that what is south of the Neck is "southern madness".Along with Lord Willam Stark,Lord Rennard Blurson fought on the Battle at Long Lake being one of the Commanders that stopped Raymun Redbeard.

Mistdoor's archives affirm that Rennard's father died pressing Artos Stark claim on Winterfell against his brother Willam,He was killed for treason and Artos fearing punishment back down on his claim.This "lost story" make Artos Stark's nickname change from "The Implacable" to the "Faint-Hearted" on Blurson lands.

During Lord Rodrik Blurson rule over Stony Shore he began the construction of the City Blue Haze on the northenest part of the Shore,asking the Iron Bank for a finnancial plan.He reafirmed House Blurson allegiance against the Ironborn.

On 282AC House Blurson answered Winterfell call to arms and joined the Baratheon rebellion against the Iron Throne,Lord Birold Blurson lead as a Commander on the Battle of the Bells,Battle of the Trident and the bent of the Targaryen loyalists is well-known.The House saw one of their longly desired dreams the extinction of House Targaryen come true and thus the Blursons can't forget...


The leader of House Blurson during the wiki Fanfic is Russ Blurson son of Pryce.On the Contrary of his brother Albar,he was raised on Mistdoor as a swords man.He acts as Master of Ships of the Wardeness of the North.