Current Members Edit

  • Tanselia Jordayne (56), the Lady Dowager of Skyreach and wife to the late Lord Beldecar. She is the mother of both Lancion and Larra.
    • Lancion Fowler, the Lord of Skyreach and styled the Warden of the Prince's Pass. He is a man of four-and-thirty, and possesses some renown as a famed duelist.
    • Olira Allyrion (32), his wife, the Lady of Skyreach, and mother of his trueborn children.
      • Deziel Fowler (13), the Heir of Skyreach. He is a boy quite skilled with sword, and mindful of his father. There is talk that the hand of the Blackmont girl attending his mother is promised to him.
      • Myria Fowler (11), their daughter.
    • Larra Fowler (33), the sister of Lancion and wife of Prince Trebor Martell, styled the Princess Consort of Dorne.
  • Alleras Fowler (57), the Castellan of Skyreach and brother of the late Lord Beldecar. He is knowledgeable and provides his nephew, Lancion, with his wisdom. He is father of Lewyn, Myles, and Albin.
  • Aliandra Dalt (54), the wife of Alleras, and mother of his children.
    • Lewyn Fowler (29), the firstborn son of Alleras and Aliandra, and cousin to Lancion.
    • Myles Fowler (27), the second son of Alleras and Aliandra, and cousin to Lancion.
    • Ser Albin Fowler (26), the youngest son of Alleras and Aliandra, and cousin to Lancion. He is a knight, and trains young Deziel with sword.
  • Delonne Fowler (51), the only sister of Lord Beldecar and Alleras. She is the widow of Qoren Uller, and mother to his trueborn children.

Past Members Edit

  • Allar Fowler, predecessor and father of Beldecar and his siblings, Alleras and Delonne.
  • Beyandra Aroyanar, the Rhoynish wife of Allar and mother of Beldecar, Alleras, and Delonne.
  • Beldecar Fowler, predecessor and father of Lancion and his sister, Larra.