Current Members Edit

  • The Lord of Stonehelm, Balon Swann, an elderly man of four-and-sixty. In his prime he was a sufficient commander and brilliant tactician, but age has waxed his temper and waned all else.
    • Durran Swann (42), the Heir of Stonehelm, a drunkard.
      • Byron Swann (20), the eldest son of Durran and his late wife, Arecella Toyne. He is a learned scholar, and stands to inherit Stonehelm after his father.
      • Ser Orys Swann (17), a knight of ambition for renown.
    • Jynessa Swann (41), the only daughter of Lord Balon, married to Lord Mertyns.
  • Cyrella Swann (16), the daughter of Manfred Swann and his Dornish wife, Arianne Toland. Granddaughter to Lord Balon.
  • Jaena Swann (54), the youngest sister of Lord Balon, married to Lord Jorian Selmy.

Past Members Edit

  • Elinor Swann, the eldest sister of Lord Balon. She was wed to Lord Endrew Penrose and mothered his children, Harbert Penrose and Meredyth Penrose.
  • Olenna Morrigen, the late wife of Balon Swann, and mother of Durran, Manfred, and Jynessa.
  • Manfred Swann, the second son of Balon Swann and his wife, Olenna Morrigen. He was a sailor and esteemed scholar, whose mind for business and negotiation prompted a trade deal between Stonehelm and Ghost Hill. With the deal, he brokered his own marriage to Arianne Toland. He died in a shipwreck just off of the coast of Dorne.
  • Arianne Toland, the mother of Cyrella and wife of Manfred Swann, who perished with him in a shipwreck just off of the coast of Dorne.
  • Arecella Toyne, the wife of Durran Swann, and mother of Byron and Orys.