House Tully of Riverrun is one of the Great Houses of the Seven Kingdoms, and current Lords Paramount of the Trident. Melwys Tully is the current head of the house, and rules from the ancestral seat of Riverrun. Members of the house tend to have fair skin, red-brown hair, and blue eyes of varying shades.

History Edit

Before the Conquest Edit

The history of House Tully runs parallel with that of the Riverlands - it is a long legend steeped in war and conflict, with men from outside of the region, and within.

House Tully never ruled as kings, but they have held their ancestral seat of Riverrun for a thousand years before Aegon and his sisters landed upon the Blackwater. When the Targaryen conquerors declared war against Harren the Black and his Ironborn, House Tully was the first of his lords to rise in rebellion, swearing fealty to the newcomers on their beasts of scale and flame. For this loyalty, and the part they played in convincing other Riverlords to join the Targaryen cause, House Tully of Riverrun was named Lord Paramount of the Trident, and granted dominance over all lords who dwelt between the Neck and the northern marches of the Reach.

Lords of the Trident Edit

Edmyn Tully, head of the House during the Conquest, served two years as Hand of the King to King Aegon I. In later years King Aenys I Targaryen would rely on the Tullys during the rebellion of Harren the Red, and King Maegor I Targaryen was supported by the Tullys and the Harroways against Prince Aegon Targaryen in the Battle Beneath the Gods Eye. The Tullys later supported Prince Jaehaerys Targaryen against Maegor.

In 101 AC during the Great Council, Lord Grover Tully spoke in favor of Prince Viserys Targaryen over Laenor Velaryon as the successor to Jaehaerys I. During the Dance of the Dragons, the Tullys ruled over, in name at least, the quarrelsome river lords. The aged Lord Grover wanted to support the greens, but his grandson Elmo and great-grandson Kermit supported the blacks. Elmo led the riverlords to battle on the side of Rhaenyra during the Second Battle of Tumbleton. His father died soon after, and Elmo himself followed his father to the grave forty-nine days later. His young son Kermit led the Lads and slew Lord Borros Baratheon in the Battle of the Kingsroad.

Recent History Edit

During the Dornish Conquest of 157AC, Andahar Tully sent five thousand men to support his Targaryen overlords. Nearly all were lost, only a few hundred returning to the Riverlands. During the later Dornish Revolt, the Tullys chose not to participate.

Andahar perished in the year 172, his young son Melwys inheriting his lands and titles. When the Blackwater Rebellion of 186AC broke out, Melwys proved to be a staunch Targaryen loyalist, fighting for the Reds and contributing to Aegon's ousting from the Riverlands. Melwys' young son, Brynden, was captured in battle by the forces of Daemon Targaryen - but managed to escape before the climactic battle of High Heart.

Since the Rebellion the Tullys have remained loyal to the Crown, albeit somewhat distant.

Current Events Edit

  • Melwys Tully, Lord of RiverrunGo to Melwys Tully
  • Brynden Tully, Heir to RiverrunGo to Brynden Tully
  • Osric Rivers, Bastard of Riverrun
  • Axel Tully, Second Son of Melwys
  • Edmure Tully, Third Son of Melwys
  • Aelinor Tully, Eldest Daughter of Melwys
  • Marianne Tully, Second Daughter of Melwys
  • Jasper Tully, Youngest Son of Melwys
In 195AC, Melwys Tully brought his natural born son, Osric Rivers, home to Riverrun. This was the culmination of nearly ten years of fighting between Melwys and his wife Cassana, who left the castle shortly afterward and has not returned since. With her departure Melwys' depravity has only grown, his usual arrogance and selfishness now fully and often indulged. His heir, Brynden, has taken over much of the day-to-day operations of the castle - but strife between father and son makes even this difficult.

House Tully at the end of the Second Century Edit

  • Andahar Tully
  • m. Alysanne Piper
    • Rhialta Tully
    • Melwys Tully, Lord of Riverrun
    • m. Cassana Ryger, Lady of Riverrun, has not been seen in many years.
      • Brynden Tully, 27, heir to Riverrun and the Riverlands.
      • Axel Tully, 25, a bellicose and angry lad, close friends with Osric.
      • Edmyn Tully, 23, something of a craven. Kindhearted and pious.
      • Aelinor Tully, 22, the eldest daughter of Melwys. Fair, but somewhat vain.
      • Marianne Tully, 17, youngest daughter of Melwys, lover of books and music and horses.
      • Jasper Tully, 15, a quick and clever lad, well on his way to becoming a knight.
    • m. Maerie of Fairmarket, Melwys' favourite mistress and the only one he acknowledges. Currently living in Riverrun.
      • Osric Rivers, 26, natural son of Melwys and spitting image of his father. Very strong, and largely fearless.
      • Mara Rivers, 13, the youngest child of Melwys. A sweet girl.

Household Edit

  • Desmond Paege, the kennelmaster
  • Thaddeus Ryger, Master-at-Arms
    • Utherydes Vance, his squire
  • Maester Dafyn, the maester of Riverrun
  • Medgar Cox, Steward of Riverrun
  • Jon Lothston, Captain of the Guard

The Lineage of House Tully Edit

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