Jaehaera t

180AC: Born to Aegon and Naeryrs their youngest daughter.

was always fast and wiry (agile ) and easily atuned to her enviroments (adapable)

185AC was found playing in in the hot bright red coals(dragonblood)

187AC: removed to kingslanding with sister ,brother and mother,after the rebelion was ended.

188AC: learns how her father rebelled and why she is here in the red keep .

188AC: learns proper court maners and learns her brother is sent to the wall ans now is a member of The Night's Watch.

189 seperated again sent to summerhall does not understand why Rhaenyra cant go too.

190AC: took an intrests on growing things and would ask to visit the gardens, to study how plants grew and what theiruse were .(botany)

191 AC -sister rhaenyra weds though she is not allowed to be there.

193AC told of her nephew Daemon's birth and aelor becomes commander The Night's Watch

195AC:.learns how to defend herself(daggers under her guards and kinds strict agreement)

198AC she could be seen practicing in one of the small rooms daily after her garden walks.

200AC: prays to the seven , to be a better person than her father after seeing how it has effected others.

201AC: learns of king Daeron's death and Prince Jaehaery's crowning worries what will become of her now

Family Tree/Household Members

Father:* Aegon targaryen* (d.187)found dead at blackwater)

Mother:* Naerys targaryen*(d.180 from complacations )

brother /heir: Daemon Targaryen - (d. 187) his heir, killed in the Blackwater Rebellion

brother: Viserys Targaryen - (d. 187) her brother, killed in the Blackwater Rebellion)

brother: Aelor targaryen( b172 sent to the wall in187 and made captian of the night'swatch

Sister: Rhaenyra Targaryen - (b. 173) a ward of the Iron Throne

brother-inlaw * Tregar Ormollen *- (b. 169) the nephew of a merchant prince of Lys

nephew* [Daemon Targaryen-(b193)

** Jaehraera Targaryen - (b. 180) , a ward of Summerhall**

Septa Celia (b. 151 confadant and spirital advisor)

Natari Krey(b181 Handmaiden to Jaehraera)

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