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164 AC: Born the second son to Lord Russell Ashford and Lady Mary Ashford nee Webber.

172-176 AC: Jon accompanied his uncle traveling to many towns and villages throughout the Reach tending to the affairs of the family's long-established construction business (Ashford Construction Company), learning the ways of the trade.

178 AC: Jon's father sends him to the Free City of Braavos to study under and work with a renowned Braavosi architecht. Under his mentorship, Jon developed the skills and knowledge of a master builder.

In 183 AC he fell in love with Sara, the daughter of his mentor, who took after her father in her passion for architecture and engineering. They were married in 184 AC, and in 185 AC their son and daughter, Simon Ashford and Myra Ashford, were born.

In 186 AC, just as Jon was preparing to return home with his family, the Blackwater Rebellion broke out.

As the son of a rebelling lord, Jon determined it was impossible to return home safely, and so he waited. The war resulted in the death of his father at the hands of the Dornish, and the exile of his older brother to the Wall, so when Jon returned home in 188 AC, he did so as the new Lord of Ashford.

190 AC: Expanding the family business, Jon and Sara open the College of Engineering in King's Landing.

Over the next ten years they continued expanding business operations throughout Westeros and by 200 AC, the Ashford Construction Company had offices in Old Town, Lannisport, and White Harbor.

201 AC: Attended the coronation at King's Landing.

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Family and Household Edit

Son/heir: Simon Ashford. Aptitude: Born Leader

Daughter: Myra Ashford. Aptitude: Builder

Maester Cedric. Aptitude: Venerable

Younger Brother/Occasional steward: Justin Ashford. Aptitude: Shrewd

AC/Wife: Sara Ashford. Aptitude: Builder (app and bio listed below)

Courier/general assistant: Mr. Parker. Aptitude: Charismatic

Courier/general assistant: Mr. Wallace. Aptitude: Charismatic

Businesses Edit

Number of businesses: 4, medium sized (from Tradesman, Greater Merchantry, and Establishment)

  • Offices of the Ashford Construction Company are located in Old Town, Lannisport, and White Harbor. Each office brings in revenue.
  • College of Engineering, located in King's Landing. Brings in revenue via tuition fees.