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An above average sized man built for war, muscled from experience not practice. Khain inherited the undeniable Valyrian appeal of his father. Thick platinum waves hang to his shoulders and dark lavender eyes are set in almond sockets. Arms and armor are normally layered with little more than skin that's become bronzed from years beneath the Essosi sun. Though there's a natural air of command and regality about the man, he dresses simply in Essosi fashion. He keeps a defined jaw clean shaven and wears his thirty two years with a warrior's vitality.

Is Bae though.

Biography Edit

167 AC: Aerys Waters is born a bastard from the relationship of Aegon Targaryen and his mistress, Cassella Vaith, a captive from the conquest of Dorne. His existence is kept a relative secret due to the animosity towards the Dornish. [Blood of the Dragon]

168-173 AC: Aerys spends his early childhood in King’s Landing, he is lead to believe his mother is one of Lady Vaith’s young maids, a Lyseni by the name of Alysandra and that his given name is Khain.

174-181 AC: Spending the majority of his time outside of the Red Keep with his surrogate mother, Khain learns to fight, fuck, steal and swear in half a dozen languages. His upbringing is anything but princely. A particular knack for thievery teaches him the value of finesse and Stealth.

181 AC: At the ripe age of fourteen, Khain kills his first man.

182: AC: Puberty brings a natural brawn. Khain learns people pay well for someone to fight their battles for them. He dedicates every moment to becoming more Tough and Agile than every other overconfident young man with a blade in King’s Landing.

184 AC: Having made enough coin to book passage on a ship to Essos, Khain takes his first steps towards genuine adventure. He lands in Bravos and promptly begins to sell his talents to the highest bidder.

185-190 AC: A wealthy traveling trader hires Khain as his personal body guard. He finds himself in a new city every month. Their goods aren’t always entirely legal. [Smuggling]

190 AC: Their trade caravan is sacked by the Dothraki. Khain finds himself enslaved.

190 AC: The same talents that made him a damn fine guard make him a damn fine pit fighter. He does what he does best and becomes known simply as The Valyrian in the arena.

191 AC: Just as suddenly as he found himself in bondage, he’s free. A member of the mercenary company the Lost Legion pays for his freedom entirely and offers him a chance to join the ranks. High Valyrian is spoken in the company.

195 AC: Khain masters the language of his forefathers. [Linguistics]

191-200 AC: For ten years, in blood and brotherhood Khain becomes a prolific member of the company. His rise through their ranks never ends. In the year 200 AC Khain is the Commander of the Lost Legion. [Warcraft]

201 AC: A new King means new work. The Lost Legion sets sail to Westeros in search of new contracts.

Recent Activity Edit

Seduces Victaria Drumm. :P

Family and NPCs Edit

Father: Aegon Targaryen (Aegon the Usurper)

Mother: Cassella Vaith