The Kingsguard, also known poetically as the White Swords or white cloaks, are the royal bodyguards of the Iron Throne. Regarded as the finest knights in the Seven Kingdoms,they are sworn to protect their king and the royal family with their own lives, to obey his commands, and to keep his secrets. The Kingsguard are sworn for life and are forbidden from owning land, taking a wife, or fathering children, although they can have non-hereditary commands, such as being warden or Hand of the King.

Equipment and Duties Edit

The Kingsguard wear all white cloaks, carry plain white shields, and with some occasional exceptions, wear little or no ornamentation or sigils on their white armor. This plain but striking attire lends credence to their role of being seen but not heard, until their advice is asked. Discretion and wisdom are often as important skills as martial ability, being as they are expected to be with their king or queen at all times, privy to all their secrets, plans, and every aspect of their personal lives.

The Kingsguard wear intricate suits of white enameled scales, their fastenings for breastplate and other pieces made of silver. They often wear long hauberks, adorned with mother-of-pearl scales, chased with gold. They alone bear the right to carry a pure white unemblazoned shield.

One of the Kingsguard always stands guard outside the council chambers when the small council is in session, and one is usually posted at the end of the bridge into Maegor's Holdfast.

Appointments Edit

The rite for making a new member of the White Swords can vary. In common there seems to be the fact that it is a solemn and formal event, in which the knight kneels as he makes his vows before the king, and he receives the white cloak of the Kingsguard from the Hand of the King or the Lord Commander himself. The Lord Commander is always chosen by the king, with seniority and ability only playing parts in the decision. Also the Lord Commander is generally chosen from the existing pool of the Kingsguard.

Kingsguard under King Daeron I Targaryen (AC 157-201) Edit

  • Ser Terrence Toyne, deceased.
  • Ser Gwayne Corbray, deceased.
  • Ser Eustace Vance
  • Ser Jon Westford, replaced Gwayne Corbray and served until his death in 193 AC.
  • Ser Robar Egen, replaced Jon Westford after his victory in the Vale.
  • Ser Addam Crane, dies alongside Baelor.
  • Ser Willam Reed, dies alongside Baelor.
  • Ser Aerion Celtigar. dies alongside Baelor.
  • Ser Ossifer Serry, dies alongside Baelor.
  • Ser Boros Wode, dies alongside Baelor.

Kingsguard under King Jaehaerys II Targaryen (AC 201-) Edit

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