Lannisport is the seat of House Lannister, and one of the largest cities in the Seven Kingdoms. It sits on the continent's west coast, two miles away from Casterly Rock. The city was reportedly founded by Lann the Clever; before that, it was a fishing village.

Lannisport is known for it's cultural diversity and unique isolationism amongst the nobility.

Geography Edit

Lannisport is two miles south of Casterly Rock, and spans the length of the coast for three miles. The city was largely founded on plains, with small hills. The Lion's Hold, the holdfast of House Lannister of Lannisport, resides on the largest hill in the city.

Three large landmasses extend from the city into the water as far as five-hundred meters, and docks line the shores. The city, however large, is tightly-packed in the common areas. Some houses were pushed together over time, and not repaired. The richer part of the city, however, is grand and maintained with excellence. Few people walk the streets and the stone is worked tirelessly. Sewage ducts line the streets and clean wells are in abundance.

The Academy of Art and Literature is the largest building in Lannisport, surpassing the Lion's Hold by almost two times. Built over the span of two decades, it is clearly visible from Casterly Rock, with massive doors that rival the Great Sept of Baelor, and an interior that is heralded as some of the most incredible crafstmanship.

The Sept of Lannisport is the fourth largest building, and is on the northmost end of the city. It is gold and resplendent in Lannister style.

Notable Places: Edit

  • The Lion's Hold: The Seat of House Lannister of Lannisport
  • The Academy of Art and Literature
  • The Grand Bank of Lannisport
  • The Sept of Lannisport
  • The Warrens
  • The Square of the Seven
  • Merchant's Alley
  • Street of Lace
  • The Grand Thoroughfare
  • Northern Docks
  • The Lord's Theatre
  • The Rock's Shadow