Lord Lorent Ambrose is the current Lord of Ambrose Keep. Since meeting her at the Tournament of King's Landing in 201 AC, he is courting Lady Meredyth Hightower.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Lorent is a man of average build, with auburn hair and observant blue eyes, which often glance kindly onto those with whom he talks. He is well-trained for riding and jousting, and his body easily moves with agility.

He is a kind person, showing concern to his duties as a feudal Lord, as well as chivalry. Nevertheless, he enjoys physical pleasure, and often acts very quickly.

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Biography Edit

178 AC: Lorent is born to Ser Elwood Ambrose and Janna Osgrey.

183 AC: His twin siblings Victaria and Renly are born.

186 AC: Elwood Ambrose succeeds to the Lordship, after his father Lord Aubrey is slain by Lord Rowan, fighting for Aegon Targaryen’s claim. Lorent is sent away to squire for his uncle Ser Perwyn Osgrey.

187-195 AC: Lorent receives his knightly training, befitting the chivalrous tradition of the Reach especially with the lance. He is naturally gifted for jousting due to his agility.

195 AC: Lorent takes part in the Tourney of the Grand Sept, scoring well in the lists of the accompanying squires’ tournament. For his prowess, Ser Perwyn knights Lorent and he decides to return to Ambrose Keep.

196 AC: Lord Elwood Ambrose, dies, and Lorent inherits his title. He takes particular interest in the trade occurring in House Ambrose’s lands, while also travelling the Reach for tournaments in the following years, quickly becoming familiar with its geography.

197 AC: Lorent’s involvement in the trade of House Ambrose’s lands makes him beloved with the commoners, reaching a new level when he fathers a bastard, Elinor Flowers, on a local merchant’s daughter. Furthermore, he organises the logistics of his house’s resources.

201 AC: Lord Lorent travels to King’s Landing to take part in the Grand Tournament.

Recent Events Edit


Daughter: Elinor Flowers. Aptitude: None (child)

Sister: Victaria Ambrose. Aptitude: Performer

Brother: Renly Ambrose. Aptitude: Brilliant

Uncle and Castellan: Gareth Ambrose. Aptitude: Tough

Maester Rupert. Aptitude: Shrewd

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