Appearance and Personality Edit

Standing at 5’6 the Lady Lucilla Arryn is a rare beauty, rich ombre hair and deep brown eyes that seem ever startling to behold. Her figure is the envy of noble ladies throughout the vale and beyond, she moves with a dancer’s grace.

Biography Edit

177: Lucilla is Born

182: Lucilla, or Lucy as the family call her, displays similarly startling intelligence to that of her older brother, grasping concepts speedily and eager to learn ever more.

186: Continues her training on the expectations of a noble lady of a great house, excelling in her studies of both culture and crafts. (History and Culture, Dance, Artisan - Dressmaking.);

187: Lucy's Father left to Fight against the North (Battle of the Bite; Battle of the Ford) At her mother’s insistence, Lucilla was included in the arrangements of each great banquet and tourney learning at her mother's side and under the maester's watchful eye (Culture).

188: Becomes proficient in the above categories. Word spreads from the Vale of the young Lady Arryn’s growing beauty. (Attractive)

191: At 14, Lucilla is discovered by her father in a position unbefitting a Lady of House Arryn with a maid of the same age, she is chastised and punished by her father and the Septa, the maid disappears shortly after.

193: At 16, Lucilla hosts her first great feast, a highly regarded affair in her eldest brothers honour. It sees a great attendance, despite the speculations surrounding her father’s absence from the banquet.

193 - 199: Lucilla assists her Brother and Mother in completing her Father’s duties. In her Father’s weakened state the subject of her own betrothal never comes to the fore. She host’s several notable gathering, feasts and celebrations. Interest in the younger Lady Arryn is common and she makes little effort to halt the approach of suitors, though she accepts the hand of none. (Romance)

200: Lucy’s father falls ill, (speculated to be because of his injury) and passes, Lordship officially passes to her Brother Artys. Lucy holds a grand celebration at the Eyrie in her brother’s honour.

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