Lys is one of the nine Free Cities of Essos. It is a small city clinging to rocks surrounded by stormy seas.The city lies off the coast of the Disputed Lands, to the southeast of Tyrosh and to the west of Volantis.

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A mercantile city, Lys is built on a fertile island considered a paradise by Valyrian dragonlords. The sunny island is fertile with palm and fruit trees, and the surrounding blue-green waters are filled with fish.

Lys is protected by high walls and hired sellswords. A city dominated by wealth rather than by birth, Lys is where trade is considered a profession more honorable than arms. Lys is ruled by conclaves of magisters, chosen from amongst the wealthiest and noblest men of the city. Slaves in Lys outnumber free men three to one.

Lys is a port city with no established faith. Temples and shrines to many different gods can be found in the streets and waterfronts of the city, including a temple of R'hllor.

The hulls of Lysene galleys are often striped in bright hues.

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More than anywhere else in the known world, the blood of Old Valyria still runs strong in the Lyseni, who are regarded as beautiful. Even the smallfolk in Lys have the coloring of the dragonlords of old: pale skin, silver-gold hair, and purple, lilac, and pale blue eyes. Many of the nobility in Lys have produced infamous beauties, and Targaryen kings and princes are known to have looked at Lys for wives and paramours.

The people of Lys are know to curl and perfume their hair. The Lysene tongue is a corruption of High Valyrian.

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Lys is deeply involved in the slave trade. In the city, slaves outnumber the freeborn three to one. Lys is most famous for their bed-slaves, and Lyseni are known to be famously voracious in their search for comely young boys and fair maids with their pillow houses. Lys is also known for the breeding of slaves, mating beauty with beauty, hoping to produce the most lovely courtesans and bedslaves.Aptly, many Lyseni worship a love goddess whose naked, wanton figure graces their coinage. Lysene coins are oval in shape and have a naked woman stamped on them, the native love goddess of Lys.

The Lyseni make fine wines and tapestries, the alchemists of Lys are known to make poisons, including the strangler, and the tears of Lys. The Lyseni are known for their perfumes as well.

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Lys Tyrosh War - The Trade War 196-199AC.

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