Magister is a title held by wealthy and powerful individuals in some Free Cities. It is similar to the qhoran or Westerosi steward They sometimes post Unsullied at their gates.

Varying Types Edit

Powerful magisters in Pentos elect the Prince of Pentos and sometimes lend money. The title of the Prince bears almost no true power, operating largely as a titular position in charge of feasts and celebrations. When the city goes through hardship - such as after a lost battle, or during a famine - the current Prince is killed and a new one elected. Because of this, the title is often seen as a death sentence.

While Lorath is nominally ruled by three princes, the city is truly ruled by a council of magisters.

The magisterial council of Norvos is subservient to the bearded priests of that city, who rule it in all but name. A conclave of magisters rule Lys, and a similar group chooses the Archon of Tyrosh.

In Myr, the ruling council of magisters is called the Myriad, and together they make all decisions concerning the city. The title of High Magister, equatable with Sealord or Archon, was once used in Myr, but has been defunct for hundreds of years.

Known Magisters Edit

The following are PC or major NPC magisters currently at work in the Free Cities. Of varying loyalties, histories, and backstories, they are the names to know when it comes to power in their domains.

  • Nicovante Vendramyn of Myr has been magister for nearly thirteen years, and is one of the most well-known and respected members of the Myriad.
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