The world of AWOIAF RP explores a Westeros somewhat different from the one established in George RR Martin's books, with many events, people, and locations changed to fit our new narrative. This page outlines the many deviations from canon, as well as frequently asked questions about the lore and information on several key figures.

The Altered History Edit

The World Since 161 Edit

The main point of deviation for our timeline occurs during the Dornish Revolt in 161AC. In our universe, Daeron Targaryen (known as the Young Dragon) does not die in the Boneway - instead he sends his brother, Baelor Targaryen, in hopes that the young prince will be able to appease the rebels. Baelor is murdered, along with five Kingsguard knights. Aemon the Dragonknight is not wounded - instead, he remains with the King in King's Landing while the others head south.

Following his brother's death, Daeron heads the advice of his Hand, Viserys Targaryen and abandons his Dornish conquest. He marries his brother's widow, Daena Targaryen (known as Daena the Defiant), and has three children with her; Aenys, Maekar, and Vaella.

Daeron's rule is entirely fictional, as the Young Dragon canonically perishes in the year 161AC (to learn more about Daeron's rule as King, view his in-game wiki page here). The rules of Baelor and Viserys do not occur, and the man who would one day become Aegon IV Targaryen leads a life wholly different from canon. Instead of inheriting the Iron Throne after the deaths of his cousins and father, he leads an uprising called the Blackwater Rebellion, a revolt analogous to the Blackfyre Rebellions of lore. The chief instigator of those revolts, the hero and devil named Daemon Blackfyre, does not appear in our story - though Aegon's eldest son is named Daemon Targaryen, in honour of what could have been.

Following the war in 187AC, the world is entirely new. Though players who claim each house will largely have control over who dies when, most canonical characters have passed on by this point, including many of those figures who would be key players in the Blackfyre Rebellion.

Other Changes Edit

  • All of Aegon Targaryen's known bastards (including Bittersteel, Bloodraven, Shiera Seastar, and Daemon Blackfyre) do not, and have never, existed in our timeline. Daena weds and lives happily with her elder brother Daeron, a more fitting match in terms of personality, and thus never sires the progenitor of House Blackfyre with her cousin, Aegon. The rest of the Great Bastards never come into being because their father never inherits the Iron Throne - severely limiting the reach of his lecherous depredations.
  • Baelor the Blessed never inherits the Iron Throne, meaning that technically speaking, he never builds his Great Sept. Instead Daeron builds it in his honour, with the aid and instruction of the HIgh Septon. The completed structure is entirely comparable to the Great Sept of Baelor in canon.

Frequently Asked Questions Edit

Is this canon character still alive? Edit

By our start date in 201AC, all canon characters are considered to be deceased. The vast majority of canonical characters born after 161 can be considered to have never existed at all - or, if they did, lived lives dramatically altered and entirely changed from the ones established for them in lore, rendering them wholly different.

Can I play as a canon character? Edit

All canon characters are not allowed to be claimed, and should be dead or removed from the story by game start. Those that cannot be efficiently or easily removed, but are also fairly minor in canonical lore or lack definition, can be altered in such a way as to render them new and different - by changing their name, first and foremost, but also their story and background.

Is everything before 161AC canon? Edit

The vast majority of events taking place before 161AC can be considered as having occurred, with the only major change being the continued existence of dragons. If you have questions about a particular event or character, feel free to the modteam.

Do I have to keep canonical names, dates, achievements, or deaths for my ancestors? Edit

Canonical characters are allowed to be altered - so long as such alterations do not affect any part of canonical events before the year 161AC. After 161AC events are much more malleable - names, deaths, and achievements are largely up to the player. This includes things like;

  • Which side of the rebellion your house fought on
  • Important people slain or known by your character
  • Marriages, annulments, and general relationships between your character and ones from lore
  • Participation in events like the Grand Tournament of 195AC and the Dragonhunt.

All we ask is that if any changes are to be made - both to ASOIAF canon or AWOIAFRP canon, you give the mods a heads up.

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