Marcyll Roxton is the firstborn son of Robart Roxton and Vynesse Roxton. He is the lord of Roxton and all of its lands, and the wielder of the valyrian steel sword Orphan-Maker.

Appearance/Personality Edit

Marcyll is a bold, loud, and generally boisterous man, and is looked down upon by other lords for his mercenary-like attitude and behaviour. He frequents taverns often, and is no stranger to the brothels surrounding his family's keep. His hair is a natural sleek black and his eyes are a pale tint of green. A scar blemishes the skin on his face, running from his left eye to the middle of his cheek. He has no problem with speaking his mind, and will do so if provoked.

Background Edit

Born in the Ring in 172AC, Marcyll was a rebellious child. He was always getting in trouble one way or another, until he started his studies on history and learning to be literate. While he didn't want to learn these skills, his father insisted, and he was taught to read and write and to recognize the sigils of most houses. In 181AC, he first picked up a sword and began learning to fight with the keep's Master-At-Arms. Unlike most men, Marcyll preferred to be light on his feet and favoured agility over strength, and would turn down the opportunity to use a shield, instead learning about footwork and counter-attacks. A few years later, he was taught the importance of morale and what it meant to manage lands and coin, dubbing him the 'Lord in Training' by the people of the Ring. Not long after that, his father and uncle went off to fight in the Rebellion, and when they had returned, his uncle regaled him with tales about the war, specifically when he rallied the remaining men at the Folly by Greentree and organised a proper retreat. However, despite only being young, when called for he too went off to fight, and the Ring was left under the leadership of the Maester Byrron. Eventually, he was knighted for hunting down a bandit clan terrorising Roxton lands and for his efforts in the rebellion, although he earned a scar along his face in the process; a reminder of his accomplishment. In 196AC, Lord Robart Roxton succumbed to unknown causes - presumably an illness - and Marcyll was elevated to Lord, and given the sword Orphan-Maker to wield as his own and remind him of his family's proud history. After the death of King Daeron and the ending of the Tourney, he went to King's Landing to witness the coronation of Jaehaerys.