Timeline Edit

  • 179 AC: Born under the final moon to Rickard Ryswell and Lady Theona.
  • 184 AC: His learning of letters, heraldry, and manners of nobility begins. His baseborn older brother Desmond and uncle Brandon look over him.
  • 187 AC: His father Rickard and uncle Benjen are killed in the Wolfswood march during an attack by ironborn.
  • 189 AC: His uncle Robard is killed fighting ironborn on the Stoney Shore.
  • 191 AC: A call for aid arrives from The Wall. Mark and Desmond run off and secretly follow House Ryswell's march north.
  • 191 AC: Desmond and Mark are separated during a snowstorm. Mark finds refuge in a cavern by falling into it and injuring his leg.
  • 191 AC: His uncle Brandon is killed in The Gift by a band of wildlings that attack a northern camp.
  • 191 AC: Alone and unable to move quickly in strange terrain, Mark moves along the foot of the mountains. Learns to survive on his own before being found by Bark, an aged Harclay, while the man was out hunting. He is taken care of as the two head south into the Wolfswood. Eventually, Bark leaves their camp to hunt and never returns.
  • 192 AC: Her husband dead, and her son assumed dead, Lady Theona returns to her House Mollen and never returns to First Keep.
  • 192 AC: Mark finds the Kingsroad and follows it to Winterfell and Castle Cerwyn.
  • 193 AC: He is escorted home to First Keep, and is greeted as a son reborn, for Desmond had told all the sorrowful tale of having seen him killed by wildlings.
  • 195 AC: The heir and his bastard brother develop a seething rivalry and deep resentment. Mark for having been forgotten, Desmond for having been again reduced to a bastard son.
  • 198 AC: Lady Marna passes from red fever.
  • 199 AC: Desmond is caught by a moneychanger trying to steal. While Lord Ben considers the punishment, the merchant is found murdered in the fishing village outside First Keep. Desmond is escorted to the Night’s Watch, but a raven from Castle Black tells of him nor the black brother with him having never arrived.
  • 201 AC: Mark leads eighty men of First Keep to Last Hearth with Cregard Stark’s host.
  • 201 AC: Old Ben Condon passes in his sleep.

Family Edit

Benjen Condon b. 137 AC - 201 AC

m. 158, Lady Marna of House Holt, b. 142, d. 198

  • Rickard, b. 159, d. 187,
    • Desmond Snow, b. 176 (mother is a commoner)
    • m. 177 Lady Theona of House Mollen, b. 162
    • Mark, b. 179
  • Wynfred, b. 162
  • Benjen, b. 165, d. 187
  • Brandon, b. 165, d. 191
  • Robard, b. 168, d. 189

Household Edit

Maester Qoren, 33, Aptitude: Shrewd

Castellan: Eyron Holt, 37, Aptitude: Builder

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